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HBB/CodeMii Respository on PC

Posted by Vidus 
HBB/CodeMii Respository on PC
October 07, 2015 05:33PM
Is there any way or site that you can view all the homebrew application from the Homebrew Browser (HBB) or CodeMii.com? The HBB is great but sadly the long program lists make navigating cumbersome.

I'm putting this question here since this is more "where can I easily see every homebrew application easily?" rather than "how do I work HBB?" Please move this to HB Applications if nessisary. Thanks.
Re: HBB/CodeMii Respository on PC
October 08, 2015 03:38AM
Re: HBB/CodeMii Respository on PC
October 08, 2015 02:25PM
Most but not all.

Only in double checking I see that HBB keeps its information in a simple text file (listv???.txt). Simple editing is enough to see them all. I have yet to find if the file has the Ratings value somewhere. Date seems to be just in order of listing.

More to come later as examine stuff.
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