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i have a dream!

Posted by durda_dan 
i have a dream!
February 16, 2009 05:43AM
i have a dream. unfortunately i an't progam on my pc beause of somOS problems. but some of you are fantastic at programming.

my dream is an mmorpg on wii. ran off HBC.
now it doesnt have to be 3D just rpg maker style would do.

the wii is deffinately missing mmorpg's its a shame being it has the perfect controller to make it work.
as it does take a very long time to make n rpg of such. i was thinking wehat if everyone willing bto help all programmed one thing, or made maps or character designs.

if everyone would help i would sponsor ourselves a server.

i have been thinking. and i have some controls laid out.
now i think being a point and click like Ragnarok online would be the best way.

so we could use the Wii's UV light thing detector as a mouse.

Up down left right and B- Shortcuts for skills and magic assigned by the player.

A- Click to move, activate talk to NPC, Buy and sell operate menus

- - check skills and magic and assign shortcuts.

home - check status, level, experience, main menu equip unequip and quit game options.

+- Check items and assign Shortcuts

1 - Quick response speech such as Ok, No, FOllow me, Lets train for example

2 - free type, using an onscreen keyboard (note if you have a USB Keyboard you don't need to use this)

would anybody be intrested in making a Large Wiibrew Project with everyone together?
Re: i have a dream!
February 16, 2009 07:10AM
Hi there!

Unfortunately I am of no great programming skill, and I have my own project to work on, so I can't really help with that side of things... however, here are some links to get you started on this project:

Game Development: Harder Than You Think
The Art of Computer Game Design
GameDev.net - General Game Design

You will need more than a control scheme idea to attract a competent programmer to your project. You will need a design document, some concept art, maybe even a simple proof of concept...

Mate, you're going to have to do what I had to do (and am still doing); learn to program! :)

Good luck!
Re: i have a dream!
February 16, 2009 01:40PM
I have a dream too. People like you who know nothing about coding will stop posting do-it-for-me topics in the coding section.

DrLucky, yours is the nices response I've ever seen to such a topic and I depply thank you for posting it. durda_dan, read through all of DrLuckys advice and links if you are seriously interested in game design.

However, I cant send you on a wild goose chase without telling you that an mmorpg is impossible. Without battering you with technical jargon, the wii is basically to slow. It has horribly slow online speed. It couldnt even handle 4 player matches of Brawl. How is it supposed to handle a game with probably more than 100 people playing at once? Think about it for a second.

Another thing, everyone around here is extremely busy with their own projects. Its hard for me to imagine anyone dropping their own projects to take up a massive mmorpg which will take at least two or maybe three years to produce (if you have 5 or 6 people working on it).

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Re: i have a dream!
February 16, 2009 02:21PM
haha, that is DrTwox...not DrLucky...

so I didn't post the nice response...

hmmm...looks like the "Dr" fad is catching on...hahahaha
Re: i have a dream!
February 17, 2009 12:28AM
Hi Arikado,

I'm not convinced it's absolutely impossible to do an MMORPG client of some description. Anything approaching the complexity of Ragnarok Online, certainly not, but what about the likes of Ultima Online? I was using those just fine back in the days of 56kps, and the Wii internet connection is fast enough to stream low-res youtube videos, which you certainly couldn't have done back then!

I mean, surely the Wii internet connection could handle an MUD?
Re: i have a dream!
February 17, 2009 12:46AM
Hi Myu0,

I'm simply looking at the shear number of people who usually play an mmorpg at once. However, if you believe it can be done feel free to go ahead and try. Unfortunately, I feel you will be disappointed with the results. Also, we dont even have a simple 2 player online pong game yet (i'm actually working on one) so I think we as a homebrew community need to advance to a level where an mmorpg would be more feasible to attempt.

Best regards,
Re: i have a dream!
February 18, 2009 06:14AM
I'd like to see a simple online flash game (castle wars!!) ported to the wii that allows you to play with your friends either via server username or wiicode or ip address, but that would mean somone would have to run a server unless it can just be added to the servers that are out there (X-gen?)
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