help im bricked
May 13, 2009 07:32AM
i bricked my wii a week ago when trying to fix a semibrick :( the semi brick i got from a new game because i did not paying attention.
i had some friends over for some wii fun and one of my friends wanted to try a new game "Excitebots Trick Racing" and it came with an update on the disc, at this time im getting the coffe and my friend is not good at english, just push the A button so when i get back i just see the screen "updating do not turn off the wii" great nothing really i can do here so we just play the game when its done updating and next time i go to the settings menu i see the error. and since i dont like errors i load up HBC and getting ready to reinstall YAY start the program and it starts to do its magic and to make sure i get the right file with no errors i let it download it from the web. when its almost done it gives me an error that the shopping channel had an error and i have to restart at this point i thought by restart it ment restarting the download and click what ever button it said i should and was i supprised the wii shutdown. i powered it on again lights go green the drive flash and the disc starts spinning but thats it nothing else from there and my TV tells me that there is not signal. in my panic i start searching the web for solutions first the savemiifrii did not work ok find the real savemii site and order the neat little chip thinking this will proberly happen again (not knowing how bad this was) a week later or so i get this savemii chip, i plug it into the B slot power the wii on and TADA nothing the savemii lights red and teh wii lights green and the dvd device boots nothing else. now my problem is the savemii FAQ say that a red and green light should turn on, does that mean my savemii is defeckt or just that my wii is finished ?
when i look at the nice model they have made at savemii it looks like im a class D and i have tried all the steps untill it say Bootmii since i cant check if bootmii works since i dont got it.

short facts

What happens when your Wii boots up? nothing
How far it gets? i gets nowere
does the wiimote work? i can power on the wii with the wiimote but thats about it after that it cant sync.
does the system freeze? no there is no signal nor sound no nothing

What Version of the System Menu is installed on the Wii?
i would no know i guess the game tried to upgrade to USA something but since my wii is pal this was the cause of the semi brick and before that it was 3.4 pal version, the downgrade should have been 3.2pal but im not sure what got install from the downgrade since it said there was some problems and it needed to restart :(

Is the Homebrew Channel or the Twilight Hack installed on the system? both
- HBC 0,9 maybe 10 if it updated itself, TP Hack the pal version

Does your Wii have a Drivechip?
yes a Wiikey 1

Have you been able to boot homebrew in any way? no have not been able to boot anything.

so the question is, is there a guide how to use the savemii and not jsut the short info on the savemii order site since it only explain how its supposse to work and not what to do if only the red led lights on...
and if the savemii startes working how do i fix my wii from there.
any help/info is welcome :)

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