Semi-Banner bricked Wii
August 23, 2009 09:09PM
I believe in reading the how's & to's I OK with this one, but I keep hitting a wall that I may see parts of elsewhere but not specifically what I'm getting....

I have the HBC, Menuing system 3.2U and IOS 249 amongst tons of other stuff I'm still sorting out in a system that just came to me. I didn't put it in originally and I'm not going to destroy all that I have trying to replace/upgrade it until I've got a solid clue on what I'm doing and what I have already so please skip those ideas.

When I go to the Wii Channels in Data Management, I can see the Wii Memory but when I hit the SD Card - I get an ISI Exception Error. I've seen these reported elsewhere without real solutions or fixes, thus I ask here to see what can happen. It's weird, everything else in and out of the HBC is fine! I can manipulate the SD's contents without a care, nothing happens.

What I read says that something's landing in the SD card's Channels storage that has a bad banner or something like that which causes the Exception error. Now, I will say in experimenting this started when I tried to copy over a Wii Channel I was going to get rid of so I could open up some blocks, etc. I thought moving it to the SD meant that I could keep it but not tie up the System Memory which doesn't seem to be the case unless someone can prove otherwise. I was able to copy something else over later on in trying to fix this, then magically I can get back into the SD Card's management.

Now - the strange bits. I have a ton of Wanikoko's stuff. I had WAD Manager 1.0 and 1.3 through the HBC and then on my own figured out and installed 1.5 - works like a charm. Won't unscrew what I screwed up, but still I can manipulate anything using these from the HBC with no problems! The trick is that what's apparently 'bricking up' with the ISI Exception and requiring a manual reboot each time is the HBC's (allegedly) wanting to boot WAD Manager 1.4? I don't even have nor can I find 1.4, but it blasts an HBC website link telling me if I paid for the software I got nailed and go read how to get even or whatever. That's exactly where it hits the Exception, I can't see the pop up box but a corner and have confirmed that's where it is - the Yes/No question about loading up the boot.dol to deal with this.

So how can I make this stop for good, is there upgrades, do I need to be copying my WAD 1.5 somewhere to upgrade the 1.4 version that's hitting the errors?

Sorry I come from 360 and PC land so the Wii stuff's a bit new, but with tons of background in MS, Linux, 360's, PC's etc. I mostly get what I'm screwing with - just not what the order is to make things fly, file structures and all that jazz - yet!

As I said, all my other 'stuff' works as far as apps, software, etc. with no glitching or lockups at all. Boots up fine, works great till you hit this specific wall. Any info I left out please let me know AND point me where to find it too!
Re: Semi-Banner bricked Wii
August 23, 2009 10:34PM
1) you probably still have bannerbomb on your wii
2) You're using Waninkoko's software such as WAD Manager, we don't support these programs... Enjoy your day
Re: Semi-Banner bricked Wii
August 23, 2009 10:51PM
get rid of the atkn folder in the private/title/ directory on your SD card. this will fix the exceptions. and stay away from wads and waninkoko.
Re: Semi-Banner bricked Wii
August 24, 2009 01:04AM
Actually did the Bannerbomb check as one of the first resolutions because of the tons of posts around stating it's just a bad idea, so that wasn't part of the cause of all this.

Not sure about deleting a folder like that without an explanation of why, even if it's a 'that folder's just for being a pirate' speech. So if it's in there and I'd have to check again as I don't remember it, that ain't goin anywhere without just cause.

I do see what it seems to want to launch IS part of that 'sore subject' and I'll leave it at that, wasn't sure with all the 'read me first' stuff what is and what isn't. Confusing part is what it's asking me to launch points directly at a statement page for the Homebrew Channel? One that states it's free/GNU licenseish type stuff and not an 'issue' so again I'm confused at both responses.

What would've been and would still be a great thing is an explanation of why it's even trying to load that thing, why it's pointing at a legit site as being the source of it and then if there's a tie between what I'm being asked to obliterate and it loading that Manager. Is that it's directory? Is that where the .dol file it asks me to launch or not is located and removing that will make it go away? Do I lose anything else not on the 'hot list' around here and then if that's a yes - can I go elsewhere and find loaders to replace that?

If it's all on the 'bad side' I understand, I read all the rules here and thought this was in a clean zone, not the underground that seems to be out of bounds.

Thanks for the responses so far, at least I've got a little more clues. One question I was trying to get answered afterwards was in gaining access back to the Channels> SD Card part is it possible to load Channels onto it to make more room on the Wii side so as not to run out of blocks? Or did it do that normally before and now it won't because of some of the modifications done?
Re: Semi-Banner bricked Wii
August 24, 2009 01:49AM
ummmm.... the atkn folder i said to delete is the bannerbomb folder... get rid of it and it will fix the errors. bannerbomb messes with the way the system menu (and others) load the SD card. So just delete it!
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