Low-level brick: accessing saves from nand backup
October 04, 2009 07:46AM
Hi everyone,

I have bricked my wii, got screwed updating through Nintendo, thinking I was getting 4.1, but I did it on the 28th, just before receiving the news they had updated to 4.2.

So anyway, I had a nand backup just before doing that, but my wii has the new boot1, so bootmii to unbrick is out of the question. I plan on ordering an infectus to reflash from the backup.

In the meantime, I bought another wii to be able to play games, and I would like to use my nand backup to extract my miis and my saves to put them on the new wii. I have been searching all day about this, but have not found anything that really helps me. I know about twintig, but not sure how to use it. I am not certain Save Manager will help me either.

I have decrypted the filesystem, so I have access to all the files. How can I go about this? Is it even possible?
Re: Low-level brick: accessing saves from nand backup
October 04, 2009 09:50AM
I think if you go in the title folder, and in on of the other folder, you should find a load of folders called R(Insert 3 letters here). They are the save games, I think.
Re: Low-level brick: accessing saves from nand backup
October 05, 2009 06:38AM
That's what I thought at first, but, in the dumped nand filesystem, under title, there are only a bunch of folders with 8 digit names. In all those folders, there is another set of 8 digit named folder. In those folders, there are content and data directories.

For some of them, when looking in the data folder, it seems to be a save, but in a format I'm not sure I can use. For example, this looks like a save for wii sports or resort:

In: title / 00010000 / 52535045 / data /

I have a banner.bin and a RPSports.dat

I am not sure what I can do with those.
Re: Low-level brick: accessing saves from nand backup
October 06, 2009 07:29PM
title/00010000/ whatever is the Wii Saves I think. Just save them somewhere on your Hard Drive.
Re: Low-level brick: accessing saves from nand backup
October 06, 2009 10:57PM
Yes, I finally figured it out. I found my saves in /title/00010000, but also in another directory, for Mario Kart.

All saves are located in title in a folder xxxxxxxx/yyyyyyyy/data. I copied all files under data to a directory called savegames on my sd card, under a folder named xxxxxxxxyyyyyyyy. I then used SaveManager from Waninkoko after having played the game once to restore the saves.

For the miis, the process was a little more involved. The Mii database is /shared/menu/FaceLib/RFL_DB.dat. I used an hex editor to extract each mii to a separate .mii file. I used the page Wiimote/Mii Data on Wiibrew to correctly split the file. The mii files were imported after with Mii Installer.

However, the Miis imported that way cannot be edited since they were created on another console. The fix I did for that was to 0x1C through 0x1F in each Mii to the same bytes in a Mii I created on the new wii, and then extracted with Mii Extractor.

Everything works quite well now, except online stuff, but it doesn't bother me much, I wasn't playing online enough anyway. So, if someone else follows those steps, be aware that not all online stuff will be transfered. (I had my Mario Kart stats, but they seemed incomplete).

Next step will be to unbrick the other wii, I'll order the infectus soon, and probably post some pictures (it's a recent Wii, maybe bushing will find it helpful).

Thanks for your help metroid_maniac!
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