Bricked Wii
April 09, 2012 02:39AM
First off I would like to say I know like know absolutely nothing about th Wii so im a noob when it comes to this! So anyways I got a wii from my cousin and when trying to reformet it something went wrong. Now everytime i turn the system on I get a black scrren with some options on it.

Systemmenu, Homebrew Channel, Installed Files, Load/Install Fiel, Systemmenu Hacks, and Settings

If i try clicking on systemmenu i get an error that says "Error autobooting systemmenu! Ticket Not found"

If i try clicking homebrew channel i get " Error autobooting HBC, maybe title not installed"

I cant get out of this black screen and im wondering if its possible to fix it. Somebody told me to install preloader v0.1 so i tried it and everything goes fine untill I get to a screen that tells me to press + to continue,m then the remote becomes desynched with the wii and you cant synch it back up..

Any help I would greatly appreciate it!

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Re: Bricked Wii
April 09, 2012 06:46AM
sounds like your wii is booting into preloader 0.29. that version of preloader doesnt play well with the system menu/ios that came out after it. basically the only thing you can do now is use the "load/install file" to start 1 homebrew app at a time from the sd card. if it were me, the first thing i would do is try and make a nand dump. that way if you mess up and break it, it wont be completely broken.

i would grab loadmii and the latest hackmii installer. use the "load/install dol" to start loadmii, which is a less sexy HBC. it will make it easier on you to start different programs if you need to. then use loadmii to start the latest hackmii installer. from there, install HBC, bootmii, and then it will exit and toss you out to HBC. then press the home button, start bootmii, create a nand dump, copy the nand dump and keys to your computer in 5 different places and stick your sd card in a safe deposit box at the bank.

only after you have a copy of the nand and keys would i start trying to fix the issue. installing the correct system menu and its IOS should fix the wii.
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