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Bricked - Ideas/help appreciated

Posted by celebrant 
Bricked - Ideas/help appreciated
July 03, 2012 01:12AM
I soft modded my wii many moons ago, probably around 3.2 system menu version... And have since updated my Wii and let Nintendo kill off the homebrew with one of the updates. Anyway, recently I've had some issues with the Wii's general functionality. Netflix would crash on me randomly, and give me weird buzzing sounds after doing so. That wasn't so bad, then I had an issue where if I selected the Shop channel my wii would reboot. So I did a full format of system memory using the builtin wii functionality and now I have no netflix and shop channel won't work.

This is also one of the first Wii's made. I stood in line at release at midnight and managed to pick this up.

I began pillaging the internet for answers and decided to re-soft-mod the wii to reinstall the wii shop channel. After doing so, I think I improperly used Wii mod 3.0 and now my Wii is bricked. I have a gamecube controller at my disposal that I can take apart to do a FixMiiFrii with, I just don't know about an autoboot disc, or anything like that. Now onto the answering of common questions:

What happens when your Wii boots up? (How far it gets, does the Wii remote work, does the system freeze, go black, etc.)
Wii boots up from a red led to yellow led, wii mote works it just does not lock onto anything, it does the 4 pixel blinky then goes to nothing. TV shows unusable signal.

What Version of the System Menu is installed on the Wii?
- Probably every version, esp 3.2 and 4.3u.

Is the Homebrew Channel, the Twilight Hack, Indiana Pwns, Yu-Gi-Oh Exploit, Smash Stack, Bathaxx, Return of the Jodi, or Eri HaKawai installed on the system?
- HBC latest version, I used the messagebox hack to get into the bootloader.

Does your Wii have a Drivechip?
No, softmodded only

Have you been able to boot homebrew in any way?

Do you have BootMii/boot2 or Preloader (Priiloader) installed?
I have bootmii on boot2.

My biggest question: Is there a way I can boot using BootMiiFrii? I basically need a boot disc of some kind and I don't know whewre to find one. I looked at BLIND 2.0 and have not had success.

Thanks! Let me know your thoughts, or suggestions.

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Re: Bricked - Ideas/help appreciated
July 03, 2012 09:48AM
Sounds like it's an unrepairable brick, unless you can shed some light on what you actually did to it.
Re: Bricked - Ideas/help appreciated
July 03, 2012 02:11PM
I used Dop-mii to try to fix the shop channel, this failed to install v20.
I tried WiiSCU.025 to install the wii shop channel, this didn't work either.
I then tried WiiMod 3.0, and I believe this is where I screwed up. I forgot to change the IOS based on instructions I got about how to reinstall the shop channel. WiiMod 3.0 froze up, I power cycle'd the Wii, and now I'm in this state.

I'm not ticked about losing this Wii, since it's been so good to me for many years. This is now more or less a hobby to see if I can ressurrect it.

I've been trying the GC controller 4 dpad thing and I can't get a version to come up on the Wii. Guessing that isn't a good sign either.
Re: Bricked - Ideas/help appreciated
July 03, 2012 06:40PM
It sounds like you have messed up the System Menu IOS or the System Menu (e.g. uninstalled one or the other, or mismatched SM & SM IOS). Seeing as you don't have BootMii/boot2, this can't be fixed via software.

Seeing as you said your Wii had 3.2, that means it is old. This means that the Wii is capable of having BootMii/boot2 installed. Now that the wii is not operational, his can only be done with a hardware NAND programmer (e.g. an Infectus). There are guides on the matter about the internet (it involves dismantling your Wii, soldering a chip from it into the NAND programmer, using some PC software to install BootMii/boot2 on the chip, soldering the chip back into the Wii, turning on the Wii and making a NAND dump of the Wii in it's current state, using some more PC software to fix the broken NAND dump, then flash the fixed NAND dump back in BootMii/boot2), and there are individuals who will fix Wii's like this one for a small fee. DeadlyFoez is one such individual.
Re: Bricked - Ideas/help appreciated
July 04, 2012 12:45AM
I actually think I have bootmii installed on boot2. I get two brief flashes immediately after I power.
What's the best way to go about this? What do I need to put on an SD card?
Re: Bricked - Ideas/help appreciated
July 04, 2012 01:12AM
I know I have bootmii installed. I have the bootmii files on an SDCard, but I still can't see anything on my TV.
Any ideas? I've tried:

1) Changing the bootmii's config from progressive to NTSC and vice versa. I have a CRT TV.
2) Changing the bootmii's autoboot to HBC.

Can someone instruct me on how the SD Card should look in order to get bootmii to bootup?

Thanks!!! :) I am pretty sure I installed bootmii along time ago on boot2.
Re: Bricked - Ideas/help appreciated
July 04, 2012 04:45PM
There should be a "bootmii" directory on your SD card, with the files armboot.bin, ppcboot.elf and bootmii.ini in it.
Re: Bricked - Ideas/help appreciated
July 04, 2012 06:03PM
I do have those 3 files, but they aren't from my original SD card when I installed BootMii. I found them online and tweaked the ini file.
I still don't see anything on the TV.

I even tried holding reset, which I think only works for Preloader anyway, so I have no idea why BootMii won't go.

I even checked with the SD Card in, I do NOT get the two blinks of lights. If I take the SD Card out, I get the two blinks of light when I restart the Wii.

Is this then unsalvagable??? I'm hoping BootMii can save teh day!

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Re: Bricked - Ideas/help appreciated
July 16, 2012 03:16PM
Two flashes without SD card means BootMii is installed and functional. This means there is a problem with your SD card. Either it isn't set up right, or your card is incompatible. Try another SD card if you can (different brand, size, class etc.).
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