Help fixing wii
October 03, 2012 10:28AM
I turned on my wii today and when I got to the health warning screen I would push a and the text would start to fade, but then it would just completely freeze up with the text still partly showing. I booted into maintenance mode and from there installed bootmii into boot2. I can boot into the HBC from bootmii. However now when I try to get into the wii system menu, it will let me pass the health and warning screen, and load the menu. Right as the system menu starting sound is about to end, the wii freezes up and starts making this buzzing sound.

I was able to make a backup of my NAND through bootmii and it said that 3 blocks were corrupt, so I put that through nandBinCheck and am unsure about the output. I've been playing Skyward Sword and have ran the update included on that as well as running a wii system update while in maintenance mode, but I was already up to date.

Here is the output of nandbincheck. I had to redirect it into a file to copy everything, but it still outputted some information to the command prompt, so I included both the command and it's output and the contents of the files I saved it to


Thanks for your help
Re: Help fixing wii
October 03, 2012 04:58PM
Since you where able to install bootmii as boot2 the fix is simple enough. Load bootmii boot2, make a new nand backup. Copy your nand.bin and key.bin to your pc and make a second backup of the files somewhere on your pc. Use ohneswanzeneger, giantpune's nand.bin formater, use it to format the nand.bin file on your pc. Then in ohneswanzeneger install 4.3u, it will download all files from nus and make a clean 4.3u system on your nand.bin. Be sure to enter the proper serial number when it is creating your setting.txt. Once you have made the clean nand.bin, verify it with nandbincheck -all -v. Ensure there are no error in the output. Then simply restore the clean nand to your wii. If needed you can extract any needed savegames / miis from your prior nand backup and restore them to the wii. Nand gamesave restore will get the saves for you, not sure about miis.
Re: Help fixing wii
October 04, 2012 01:13AM
If you were going to do that, may as well just use the system format option in the wii menu settings.
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