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Updating the Forum Rules

Posted by Arikado 
Re: Updating the Forum Rules
August 26, 2010 05:36AM
It's the IOS patching that's not supported here. That's it. Since Dop-Mii patches IOSes and installs them, it is not supported.
Re: Updating the Forum Rules
August 26, 2010 02:07PM
Sorry to stir the water again, but I have to agree with Robert.

You have a point saying that there is no need (at least ATM) for patching any file, and that with current HackMii release it is safe to update through Nintendo official update. And as you also mentioned before, this is all people need to enjoy homebrew.

However, there are some great tools which their devs have put a lot of effort on, which are primarily focused to advanced users (Leave Wank's crap aside) and can always give that extra that some people is looking for (those who like to keep control of everything inside their Wii).

After TehSkeen's death, this was the only site where experienced users could fulfill their homebrew needs, but now there is no place currently supporting or holding these great tools together. This definitely is discouraging great devs to keep supporting their tools, and they will soon stop becoming updated. This will mean that when Nintendo comes out with a 4.4 update, we will get screwed since all the apps we could have used to get workarounds meanwhile Team Twiizers figure out another exploit (which could take months!) will be gone for good.

I don't support warez nor piracy by any means, but I believe the authors of such tools don't either.
Re: Updating the Forum Rules
August 26, 2010 02:57PM
I have a major problem. I would like to know why it is that all this is prohibited here but yet when you are directed by ANYONE on THIS forum to WiiBrew wiki, there is almost everything under the sun that you say is prohibited here. Can we please make up our minds on what we can and can not discuss or promote? After all the wiki is part of this site!!!! I think that until there are real changes in the way apps and other things are made, we should still be able to discuss some things, not all, but some, yes.
I mean as the rules seem to change it is apparent that there is more and more becoming prohibited. Censorship? yea I think it is. Anyway the point is for example. You say that preloader can not be discussed anymore. What if someone doesn't have a GC Controller to restore the backed up nand and the wii they have is bricked?? If they come here for help, I am pretty sure they are screwed, am I right? I think that the people who run this site need to re think the rules and maybe make a list of exceptions for the rules. That is all that I ask. I figure directing them to a site that tells them about prohibited stuff is also not allowed, so what is to stop, lets say I for example purposes, from PMing someone and tell them about a app that could save them and their wii, but the app is illegal forum wide here? I mean after all from what is not allowed I can see you losing more of your new users due to unanswered questions. Thus your ranking goes down and down. Lets face it, I am positive that people have had a problem with a wii and searched google, found this site only to find taht most of the q's they have are not prohibited thus they turn to GBAFAIL as everyone here calls it. I can see someone reading this post when I am done and preforming a google search for GBAFAIL, lol, to only find that this site is popping up more and more in that search lol. Way to mess someone up lol. I can also see many many people asking here what GBAFAIL is or means. So since this thread was about discussing rule changes and it is appearent that people are mentioning tools and such taht are now prohibited I will say it, only b/c I can not resist. GBAFAIL IS GBATEMP which supports piracy. You like how I threw that "which supports piracy" in there? Lol so now they know what it is and that they support piracy which is absolutely PROHIBITED everywhere in this forum. See that was easy. I am sure that that will be either deleted or edited out by someone but I don't care b/c I am not supporting it just supporting the fact that GBA is all about piracy. Thanx and have a great day! :D
Re: Updating the Forum Rules
August 26, 2010 03:00PM
If people are advanced enough to use those tools, they don't need a support forum, and can find the tools by themselves ;)

WiiBrew is, IMO, the best place for beginners, and so should be tailored for them. Of course, there are discussions of more advanced topics in these forums, and that is only to be encouraged, but it is inadvisable to guide people to use potentially dangerous apps they don't understand. If a person wants to use more advanced tools, not supported by WiiBrew, that is solely their own choice, and they have the freedom to do as they please. They just can't ask for help here with those things, which I think is a decidedly good thing. "Why?" I hear you shout; Well, if someone needs help to use an advanced and potentially dangerous app, they shouldn't be using it IMO. Only when you know what you're doing should you mess with those things.

Anyway, what some of you fail to realise is that most of these apps ARE still supported here. Its only apps that install a patched IOS that are disallowed. Those that make use of them are OK for discussion.

Finally, the rules are set, and they're not gonna be changed. Hate to break it to you, but this isn't a democracy.
Re: Updating the Forum Rules
August 26, 2010 03:20PM
So you are saying NUS downloader and WAD installer are not dangerous apps that can turn a Wii unusable if you don' t know what you are doing. I want to see how it will be handled where n00bs under 4.2 stub out IOS70 not having Preloader and not being able to install BootMii/Boot2.

SirJaf, with all my respect, did you really think throughly before saying that WiiBrew is a place for beginners and that it should be tailored out for them??? WTH??

So what about technical advanced questions?? This is THE place where advanced users can get in touch with the developers openly and receive tips to squeeze out the best of their Wiis. So, if you are turning this into a newbie guiding place, where are advanced users supposed to move to in order to solve their inquieries?

What you state is a fallacy, saying that only newbies have questions, and advanced users should not have. Actually the most complicated and hard to solve questions are those which require a forum to be solved, with the participation of many experimented people. Newbs can get their answers by simple googling for them.

And once again, I repeat, discouraging good devs by not supporting their great tools is going to be fail in the future!

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Re: Updating the Forum Rules
August 26, 2010 03:29PM
Yea I know this, but did you know that making any unauthorized modifications to anything nintendo releases is against the Nintendo policies also? We never truly own stuff we purchase with the name Nintendo on it, we only pay for the license to use it. That is why they say any unauthorized modifications to Nintendos products is piracy no matter what it is. There for that would make the entire forum piracy. Just saying. Not starting any trouble. I have already gotten on your bad side with a joke I made in another thread, Sir Jar. ;) None the less, this is true to a point. I am NOT supporting piracy either.

As for, "Anyway, what some of you fail to realize is that most of these apps ARE still supported here. Its only apps that install a patched IOS that are disallowed. Those that make use of them are OK for discussion." So we can support the apps and such that use the patched ios's, or CISO if you prefer, but we should not tell anyone that is uses them or even explain what makes them illegal? like 'did you know that using this app is the same thing as supporting piracy because it uses cios 249', for example purposes only,' so we will not tell you anymore about it.' What if I wanted to create a cloned app but w/o the cios , then mentioning that I have removed such and such in the app would be illegal also right?

These are just questions that people will have for you no matter what, so now you can answer these and many more here and then directing people to this thread for further explanation. See every one wins, assuming you don't blow your lid on any of the stuff I have said lol

P.S. I fixed the typo ya had. lol It is a Z not s in realize :P I make typos alot to but it is the "h" in words like the and that I type to fast lol

"If I can not state my opinion somewhere, then sadly my individuality is lost."
^^^^^^ Wrote by me.

Edit: LMAO I alweay get beat to the punch on my posts... I should slow down on my post I guess lol and yea what that kat said about the Wad proggies. and such

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Re: Updating the Forum Rules
August 26, 2010 04:16PM
Re: Updating the Forum Rules
August 26, 2010 05:04PM
So to use the apps you have to use a patched ios, correct? Well what if they are completely new to all of this and have yet to install them? Lets say, I am a noob and want to hack my wii for legal purposes, whatever they maybe, I would want preloader and this is the first place I find on a google search, who is going to help me install what I need to use preloader, you?? I doubt it from what u have just said. The point is if you support the apps that use the cios then you should also have support for noobs to install them assuming that you do not want any uninformed person(s) to brick their wii(s). So how is it better for everyone that visits the site??
Re: Updating the Forum Rules
August 26, 2010 05:12PM
Every application that can install or absolutely requires a patched IOS is no longer supported here. System Setting Replace Mod and a few others were removed simply because they can not operate without a patched IOS. However, applications that can make use of a patched IOS, but can run on an unpatched IOS are still supported. The vast majority of applications that use IOS exploits fall in this category. Priiloader, Savegame Manager MOD, and most other applications can run on an unpatched IOS, so they are still supported.

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Re: Updating the Forum Rules
August 26, 2010 05:38PM
Re: Updating the Forum Rules
August 26, 2010 05:43PM
Re: Updating the Forum Rules
August 26, 2010 05:44PM
Re: Updating the Forum Rules
August 26, 2010 05:46PM
Does this mean you guys are dropping the WIIMC app also?? It uses 202 which is another cios, but it isnt for piracy.
Re: Updating the Forum Rules
August 26, 2010 05:47PM
WiiMC now uses IOS 58, not 202.
Re: Updating the Forum Rules
August 26, 2010 06:00PM
i stand corrected. :D
Re: Updating the Forum Rules
August 26, 2010 06:01PM
Re: Updating the Forum Rules
August 26, 2010 06:11PM
Re: Updating the Forum Rules
August 26, 2010 07:16PM
Re: Updating the Forum Rules
August 26, 2010 07:48PM
Re: Updating the Forum Rules
August 26, 2010 08:00PM
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