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For those unable to use the Hackmii Installer or can't install programs within it!

Posted by Kage52124 
If you have NOT been able to install HBC, DVDx, or BootMii yet, either due to crashing using bannerbomb or any other reason, GIVE IT ANOTHER SHOT!!! Team Twiizers just came out with a new installer that includes updates for all the programs and the installer itself, giving you a much better chance of pulling it off.

Also, you do NOT have to install anything you don't want to. HBC should be a given to get around the Twilight hack or Bannerbomb, and DVDx is simply really useful if you like burning stuff to DVDs, but BootMii is not required! If you want to make a backup and make your Wii almost completely brick-proof, then having BootMii and using it to make a backup is highly useful.

See here for info and links to download the new Hackmii Installer: [hackmii.com]

EDIT: Change of wording...

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This one works perfect for me now!!!! Thanks a lot crew!!!
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