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Bad n00b move... HBC wont start

Posted by faux05 
Bad n00b move... HBC wont start
June 02, 2009 07:26AM
Hey guys, I got bored a few days ago and decided to go for some homebrew on the Wii (3.4E).

Everything was all good, TP hack and hackmii installer (beta 2) got HBC up and running, homebrew browser was working as well (has a server side glitch atm tho).

Getting DVDx and some other homebrew apps to install properly were a problem. it was giving me an installer ticket error. So, and here's where my problem lies, I grabbed and installed fail wad, the fail cIOS installer, then used the fail downgrader. It chugged through successfully, and i was told to install shop IOS51. Yes to install, yes to patch and NO to install the shop channel. As soon as i hit no to installing the shop channel, my remote de-synced and the console froze. (8 secs or so on the power button killed it). Now the HBC won't start up. On the wii menu, I go to HBC, and when i hit start, screen blanks and the console freezes, the remote stays synced.

I have tried removing and re-installing HBC through hackmii and bannerbomb (TP Hack won't work, i can't copy the save file from the SD to the NAND, no idea why) and it still hangs in the same spot.

Any ideas? I have the prompt to update the system menu (I'm assuming to 4.0), but i'm not sure whether that will give me a pretty white brick or not, so i'm a little reluctant to hit yes. Anything else you could recommend would be great.

EDIT: I just used the hackmii installer to remove and install HBC, and now, instead of the console hanging, the screen blanks and it throws me back to the wii system menu...

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Re: Bad n00b move... HBC wont start
June 02, 2009 07:42AM
I'm sorry, but those wads aren't supported here. No will probably help you, considering you went against the rules. Make sure you read them next time.[forum.wiibrew.org]. Why exactly did you think that installing those wads would solve your problems? Do tell.
Re: Bad n00b move... HBC wont start
June 02, 2009 08:20AM
well i spotted through some random forum trawling, that fakesigning had been blocked in the updated IOSes, so given the installer ticket isuues, i thought i would chase it up. When i spotted a way to take them back to before they were patched by uncle ninty, i went for it. 2 hours sleep and a day playing with technology doesn't make one think all that clearly.
Re: Bad n00b move... HBC wont start
June 02, 2009 02:12PM
So I guess now you'll see why we don't recommend using those tools? Theres a reason we've always said that they're very dangerous and unstable. But I won't let you listen to chastisement any longer. Lets fix the problem!

The goal here, is to get to the HBC so that we can reinstall the Shop Channel and it's needed IOSs to fix everything. There are a number of ways we can try to do this:

The first thing to do is to get into the homebrew channel. Here are the ways we can try to do this:

1) Try manually uninstalling the HBC and then reinstalling it with the HackMii installer.

2) Try installing BootMii as boot2 and using it to boot directly into the Homebrew Channel.

3) Uninstall the homebrew channel and then reinstall an older version of it such as beta 8, beta 9, or 1.0.1

Once inside the homebrew channel, run WiiSCU and reinstall the shop channel and IOS 61.

Good Luck. And I hope that helps you :)

Edit: I just realized that you're using a horribly outdated version of the shop installer. Use WiiSCU instead if you get back into the homebrew channel.

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