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Wii Remote Sync Problem

Posted by winkingpinkgirl 
Wii Remote Sync Problem
July 30, 2009 11:06AM
I got my own wii on 3.2e menu modded it myself with no problems,I was bored so I bought a wii from eBay with a faulty dvd drive I found a dvd drive for sale on ebay from china (was correct chipset for wii d2b) it arrived a week later i installed it worked great.This wii had system menu 2.1e on it I read bannerbomb only works on menu 3.0 and above so went to setup internet wireless and it was parental controlled with a pin,so I went through the process of getting and entering the master key and disabled that.
Next I let the wii update through nintendo so I could put bannerbomb on it updated to menu 4.1e.,I put bannerbomb/homebrew on and I thought something was odd as had to keep syncing my wii remotes (pressing red buttons i thought maybe it was my battery so used another remote) everytime the wii rebooted the remote wasnt connected,and when ever i entered a channel or started a game they would disconnect.(nothing wrong with batteries) it as if the remotes only tempory sync which is odd as im pressing the red buttons under sd slot and inside wii battery cover.
Next I proceeded to downgrade the menu to 3.2e through a guide I always follow to do other people wiis and it never fails.I sucessfully downgraded to menu 3.2e hoping the remote problem would be gone but it wasnt.I have seached and searched on the net for answers but cant get anywhere only thing that comes to mind is a need for a new bluetooth module???? ive never had this problem before as when im fixing a faulty wii i always use my own wii remotes. Is this possibly a bug and if so can it be fixed?

UPDATE: just formatted the wiis memory and the problem is stil there.Also theres nothing wrong with the sensor bar im using as its off my own wii which is played without problems.

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Re: Wii Remote Sync Problem
July 30, 2009 06:05PM
Well do you have anything (other than HBC) installed?
Re: Wii Remote Sync Problem
July 30, 2009 09:05PM
That sounds like something is messed up with your bluetooth module. You might try installing a new one to fix that.....
Re: Wii Remote Sync Problem
July 30, 2009 09:41PM
I only had nintendo 64 games on there: super mario 64,mario kart 64,wave racer and wii earth (nothing else).which never gave me problems on any other wiis ive soft modded.they are gone now as i formatted the wii,reupdated to menu 4.1e then downgraded again to 3.2e.(again lol)

I was able to play the n64 games with a gamecube controller but if I entered the disk channel or mii or photo channel the wiimote would disconnect (unsync)

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Re: Wii Remote Sync Problem
July 30, 2009 10:21PM
thats probably the problem - "softmodding". I.e. epic failure. softmodding/downgrading = dangerous, and usually uses illegal methods. you probably screwed something up somewhere.
Re: Wii Remote Sync Problem
July 30, 2009 10:31PM
the wii was doing the same after I updated it through nintendo before i installed anything.like I said when the wii arrived it had menu 2.1E on it I set up wireless internet on it and let it update through nintendo to 4.1e before putting bannerbomb on..

It may explain that when I bought the wii it was boxed with everything expect a wiimote and nunchuck maybe the seller thought the wiimote wasnt working if the bluetooth module was messed up sounds logical to me.

I also have one other thought,i came across something that said a bluetooth file maybe corrupted then came across
"sysconf" can any one shed any light on this??????

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Re: Wii Remote Sync Problem
July 30, 2009 11:06PM
Well when I said anything else installed I meant homebrew-wise... But either youinstalled something bad on your wii or your bluetooth module is out.
Re: Wii Remote Sync Problem
July 30, 2009 11:23PM
Ive ordered a new bluetooth module from ebay but gonna keep looking into corrupted bluetooth files subject also.

***UPDATE: My new bluetooth came today I installed it and problem is now solved no more sync problem!!!!!!!

im one happy bunny now.****

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Re: Wii Remote Sync Problem
October 27, 2009 06:41PM
I softmod my new Wii to 4.2. It worked great for 2 weeks, then I connected my friend Wii to softmod it wiht my remote. After connecting my wii back in, I could not synch my remote to my Wii. It stuck at Homebrew channel. The sensor bar works fine. My friend's wii experiences the same problem. Could anyone advise how to fix problem ? Is somethign wrong with softmod or the blue tooth module ?
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