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Ocarina codes questions

Posted by Mestizo 
Ocarina codes questions
June 29, 2010 12:05AM
Since I know I won't be getting another Wii unless I personally buy another, since I have homebrew, I decided to go back to using GeckoOS. Alongside GeckoOS, is there any apps that can:

Download cheat lists directly to the SD card without a PC
Activate/deactivate codes

Also, Brawl+'s website is down. Can anyone link the installer for the current build?

EDIT: I installed Homebrew Browser and downloaded the Brawl+ Updatifier. I choose to update Brawl+ to get the files on the SD card to play, and it came back empty. Why is this?

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Re: Ocarina codes questions
June 29, 2010 12:22PM
You can use MegaCodeDownloader to download codes and WiiCM to activate/deactivate them on Wii AFAIK.

Brawl+ Updatifier probably fails because the Brawl+ website is down, I'd guess it downloads it from there.
Re: Ocarina codes questions
June 29, 2010 02:19PM
MegaCodeDownloader doesn't really work. Code Downloader does. Personally, I use Code Downloader and Cheat Manager, both of which can be obtained from this site or the Browser.
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