Hello, new to this, and appreciate the help. I did search/FAQ and could not find specific answer, as well as hunted on other forums.

I juuust bought my wii... haven't updated it... I'm on version 3.3.... I juuuust connected to my router/internet.... canceled the update... I have not even installed the Wii Shop... or done any Internet/ Weather/News, connection yet... and hence, have not yet agreed to any End User Agreements, as I'm afraid to even do any of that (afraid it might update/change something)....

I'd like to install all the goodies (Homebrew, apps, dvd, fake IOS51 update, that Starr app for blocking game updates, etc.) in the correct order, and don't want to mess it up or accept/update something I shouldn't by connecting to the internet just yet...

1. Could someone tell me if it's okay to go ahead and go into the Wii Shop, Internet, News and Weather RIGHT NOW (before I do any homebrew/twilight/patch/I0S51 installing), and accept the EULAgreement? Or, should I install the Wii Shop I0S51 update that Tona/Muzer built first before connecting and accepting the Wii Shop and other agreements (as well as connecting to the internet, forecast, news, etc).

Of course, I won't do the "upgrade/update" to the system itself, but would like to know the order I should procede with the "legit" Nintendo setup vs. the "IOS51 patch and also the Twilight hack" setup. And honestly,
2. I'm not even sure what menu/paths the EULA's would take me down since I don't want to try it yet - so FULL explanation is appreciated!

3. Is WiiShop even necessary or cool if I already have Emulators and my own (legal) Rom's?

4. Also, is it a good idea to downgrade to 3.2?

5. Thoughts on _____

6. What is the "Best Practice" order of installation of homebrew/apps/goodies on a New Wii currently set on 3.3?



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Not an expert on the EULAs, but I can help with the other questions...

3. N64 games are still not emulated very well, so you'll need the Virtual Console games for those. And don't forget about the WiiWare games.

4. If you want to use Starfall or Trucha-signed discs, then yes. Otherwise, there's no reason.

5. I think you should edit that question out and pretend you didn't bring it up. WADs and backup discussion is not allowed here, because it's almost always used for piracy.

6. I would use the following order: Twilight hack > Homebrew channel > GeckoOS (to skip updates) > DVDx > All the apps I want to use. Don't know where the IOS51 update would fit in, as I don't use the shop channel.

Note that GeckoOS can stay in memory and continue to operate, even after rebooting the console. You only need Starfall if you want to make it a permanent change to your console.

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Thanks BitLooter!

I've edited question 5... didn't honestly know much about it. I will look into Gecko as well... as my purpose for mentioningfor Starfall was to prevent updates / use future signed/update discs.

I appreciate the step by step order of installs.

Does anyone else have any other suggestions?

Can anyone tell me if it's safe to open up Wii Shop, Forecast, News, etc. and accept the Eula's (or at least confirm it won't update me from 3.3 to 3.4?

Thanks again!
the only EULA you shouldn't want to agree to is the 3.4 update EULA
I fi have upadted to 3.4, can i still run homebrew? My menu settings (in topr right hand corner) says 4.3e what does this mean?
I know nothing about this 4.3 firmware.. but yes you can run homebrew on a 3.4 but to some limits.. for example on a 3.4 firmware.. DVDX isn't working quite yet... and i don't knotw if it will anytime soon..
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