If i click the Home button on my wii remote, it brings up a menu with a few options, one of which says Launch Bootmii. When i click on Launch Bootmii then my wii starts blinking and it just goes on like that and nothing happens. What should i do?
That "screen with the bubbles that I can pop" is the homebrew channel. The purpose of the homebrew channel is to launch other applications that you have to put on your SD card or USB drive. If you haven't put any apps there, nothing shows up.
Oh i see. So where should i go to download these applications? I'd like to be able to play the nes games and enable my wii to play dvds.
It's easiest to get the homebrew browser [www.wiibrew.org] which downloads apps to your SD card on your Wii but you can also get some other apps to add manually here: [www.wiibrew.org]
For NES get FCEU GX and for DVD's get WiiMC. Also note that newer Wii's cannot play DVD movies.

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That page with the instructions on how to install the homebrew browser confuses me because it doesnt mention actually downloading the homebrew browser to the sd card. It just says to copy the homebrew_browser file into a new folder which i should put in the root of the sd card and call it /Apps. I just checked, and there is no homebrew_broswer file in my sd card.

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Seriously? Is it not exceedingly obvious that you download homebrew browser from the page above and copy it to the SD card? No offence, but that is really basic.
same thing happens to me .ok i see i have to download an application like wiiscu right right guys
WiiSCU is a very outdated application and has no real use now. dop-Mii:WiiBrew Edition is superior to WiiSCU. But considering you had trouble getting apps to show at all, you are NOT advanced enough to be using either application - they are potentially very dangerous and you could easily destroy your Wii permanently.
Perhaps a basic tutorial of the SD card layout is in order?
Judging by your troubles and how you said you've just installed the Homebrew Channel, you're new to the world of Wii Homebrew. Welcome! ^_^

To begin, all applications (homebrew) will be put into their own sub-folder within APPS in your SD card or USB drive. For example, if you were to use dop-mii--and as SifJar pointed out is not a good idea at this juncture as you can actually erase important files from your Wii--you would copy the boot.dol and icon.png files from the compressed zip file you download and place them into your apps\dop-mii folder.
Most programmers are kind enough to bundle the zip files in such a way that you can copy the contents directly to your SD/USB as soon as you open them. In other words, they will contain the apps folder, subfolder and any other folders and files required to use the program effectively.
Should you happen upon a folder titled sources, it's not required as this folder is the unbuilt version of the program you wish to run and will do you no good other than to waste precious space.

Mostly, the process is rather straight-forward. Don't let them make you feel like an idiot though. Anyone new to the scene can get snagged on anything. However, there are many resources and documentation available on the internet via a Google search. Should you not be able to find the answer, there's always someone here to help and possibly belittle you...again. *Glares at Sif*
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