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New Wii old sd card

Posted by pnjing 
New Wii old sd card
March 12, 2012 06:59PM
My Wii will not sync to my remotes no matter what. Nintendo customer service told me to return it for an overhaul. I didnt want to do that and wondered if I buy a new Wii can I just use my old Sd card with all the info already on it to set up my new Wii for homebrew and using my harddrive? I had a friend do it the first time and he is no longer with us to help out and my skills are not up to his level.
Re: New Wii old sd card
March 22, 2012 11:43PM
It won't work,well it depends how you installed the HBC.I got mine threw LetterBomb so if I used that same SD card on a different Wii it won't work because of the different Mac Address.I don't know how the other exploits work.
Re: New Wii old sd card
March 24, 2012 06:30PM
With the exception of LetterBomb, every exploit is universal (well, provided it is the same region of Wii), so the same SD setup should work.
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