Trucha Bug Restorer
December 07, 2012 09:27PM
I am an UberNewb and need help. I have homebrew working fine. Gecko os 1931 seems to work as it it will open the game without codes. it will not however open it with, it just gets stuck at loading. Also Wad manager did not work so I tried usain YAWMM and it also seems to work. I got TBR to try and fix it but no matter what i do with TBR it gives me a DSI exception error. It also says something about about could not save to memory. Any ideas on what i did wrong. If need more info plz tell me what you need and how to obtain info and i will post here.

In Over My Head

P.S. Forgot to mention I am using menu 4.1u and as such cannot get games to play from disk so expedient help is greatly appreciated.

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Re: Trucha Bug Restorer
December 07, 2012 09:45PM
We do not support WAD installers here, refrain from talking about them again.

Likewise, we do not support any sort of IOS patching, and we therefore cannot help you with the software "Trucha Bug Restorer" (which by the way is misnamed as it does not restore the trucha bug, but that's an aside). It is also unnecessary for anything we support here (i.e. only useful for "backups", WADs etc.; in other words, stuff generally used for piracy).

Your menu should not matter, you should be able to load your games just fine. Otherwise Nintendo would have designed their console very poorly; if the official software on a console cannot load official, store-bought games, there's a major problem with that console. They wouldn't have sold too many if that was the case.

Unless you mean burnt discs, in which case, see the large red letters on the forum homepage, as well as the rules you agreed to when you signed up and the warning you agreed to when making your post.
Re: Trucha Bug Restorer
December 07, 2012 10:04PM
The disc is retail. I have no clue what IOS patching is or why I would need it, and for the record I am simply trying to fix something that a "friend" broke when she borrowed my wii to watch netflix. I believe you have the wrong idea of my purposes and intentions for these questions.

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Re: Trucha Bug Restorer
December 07, 2012 10:53PM
"Trucha bug restorer" is a piece of software to patch IOS. If you don't that, or what IOS patching is, you should definitely not be using the software. It is dangerous software and you can mess things up with anything that involves IOS patching; without knowing what you're doing you are much more likely to do so.

WAD installers are not necessary for anything other than piracy (and I suppose some custom channels, but they won't fix anything that isn't working).

I fail to see how watching Netflix could in anyway lead to games stopping working, unless you already had a bunch of silly invasive patched IOS etc. and your friend somehow messed with them. Without knowing what has happened, it's very hard to help you.

My advice would probably be to do an official, online update. This should restore your Wii to working order. This should be safe, but there is a chance if you have messed with patching IOS and/or downgrades and/or region changing etc., something could go wrong. If you have BootMii/boot2, make a NAND dump and then do the update and see if it works.

If you don't have BootMii/boot2, you could still try an update, but I cannot guarantee it will fix your Wii, or even that your Wii will definitely work afterwards (although it is very unlikely an update would stop it working).

I apologise for accusing you of trying to play backups, it wasn't completely clear and I just wanted to make sure before I tried to help you, as any advice I give would be no use for getting backups to run, meaning it would be a waste of both of our time.
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