About the smashstack install for HBC
December 29, 2012 02:26PM

i am trying to install the HBC on my new wii u! ( i had to upate it to version 2.1.OE to be able to go to wii mode, i hope this aint a problem)
Ive found out that i can use the smashstack to install HBC on my wii u. The problem i got now is that my boot.elf doesnt want to load when i enter stage builder.
But like i read on wiki , i had to delete all of the three example stages because there cant be any stages on the stage builder.
And then the wiki said this :
You will need to wait at least 24 hours for the stage from the Smash Service to be automatically deleted before trying to run this exploit. DO NOT go on Wi-Fi once the Smash Service stage is deleted.

So does this mean my boot.elf is not loading right now becuase i have to wait 24hours before trying again? I just deleted the three examples half an hour ago. Is this the solution to my problem or is there something else going wrong?

Thx for ur reply even if this a stupid question :D
Re: About the smashstack install for HBC
December 30, 2012 07:05PM
So ive found out i made some wrong maps when following the smashstack instructions, although now im having another problem. When i want to enter the stage builder, my wii freezes and nothing happens. My wii is frozen and the sound also. Its one annoying beeeeeep sound :)
Can any1 confirm the smashstack method is still working right now? (30 dec) and on wii u version 2.1.0E..
Re: About the smashstack install for HBC
December 31, 2012 02:13PM
Do you have a save game for Super Smash Bros Brawl on your WiiU? If so, make sure you downloaded the "w/ save" version of smashstack, and not the "w/o save" version.
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