SD Card blank?
January 08, 2013 06:24AM
Hello, I'm going to be installing the HBC on my wii.

A couple of questions.

Does my SD card need to be completely blank with only the needed files from Hackmii or is it okay to have some mp4/etc files on it?

And when I plug in my SD card and get sent to the Wii menu, do I click the SD card icon or go to wii settings and then select SD card from there?

Also, do the apps I install with homebrew get saved onto the wii or do I need the SD card to stay in? (VBA GX)

After installing the HBC, do I need to delete anything in my SD card after or is it fine to never touch it again?
Re: SD Card blank?
January 08, 2013 07:44AM
It is OK to have other files on the SD Card. However, if there is a folder named "private" on the SD card, it will have to be renamed "privateold" as you perform the hack. When it is done you can delete the "private" folder and rename "privateold back"
If you are on 4.1 or below, you go to Wii Settings. If you are on 4.2, you click the SD card icon.
The apps you install will only be on the SD Card. The purpose of the Homebrew Channel is to check the SD Card for homebrew and load it.
You do not have to delete anything, but if you already had a "private" folder and renamed it you should delete the current "private" folder and rename "privateold" back.

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Re: SD Card blank?
January 08, 2013 08:10AM
Allright, thanks!
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