Couple of questions
February 01, 2013 12:18AM
Hi, guys I`m new here, so sorry for not reading through all the topics to see if anyone had simple answers for these questions. I`m just hoping to get quick answers explained in the simpliest way.

My first question in just about storing channels on the SD-card. I wanted to download secret of mana, but since I won`t take the chance of doing the wii system update, I can`t get access to the wii shop channel. So what I did was getting my friend to download the game and then send it to me as a gift. I then got pretty frustrated when I saw that I still had to enter the wii shop channel to claim the game. So what I`m wondering is if it`s possible for my friend to move the game to an SD-card and then give it to me. Will I be able to move the game end play it on my wii?

The reson why I want to do it this way is just because I haven`t figured out how to hack my wii to play virtual console games downloaded to my hard drive. Thats were my second question come in. Can anyone explain to me in a simple way how I do this? I also especially want to download gamecube games.

My wii system is running 4.3E and I`m using wiiflow starnight to run my downloaded wii games. The problem is that I couldn`t get any further than this. I`m a little bit worried that it might happen something bad to my wii if i do anything wrong in the hacking process.

And please, if it`s possible, make your answers possible for me to understand. It took me weeks only to install homebrew channel and wiiflow starnight :P
Re: Couple of questions
February 01, 2013 03:28AM
We don't support warez here. Updating your wii won't prevent you from running homebrew.
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