New and Ignorant
August 07, 2013 11:29PM
First of all my son upgraded to the Wii U this past XMas. Before he did he kept asking about Mario Kart Wii Custom Tracks. Now he is back at the badgering. I am not against Modding at all I, have just have read some stuff that concerns

First I must state I know absolutely nothing about hacking the Wii U, although I have used hacks for the Xbox 360 and jailbroken Iphones. We are not a wealthy family so if his device gets locked he won't be getting another for some time. I don't really know what "Brick" means but I'm pretty sure that it means it basically makes your Wii U useless except as a nice Plastic Brick.

My concerns that may be unwarranted are:
1. Can "hacking" the game/device "Brick" his WiiU and if so is it reversible like if you unJailbreak an iphone by just resetting or something similar?
2. Is hacking the game the same as hacking the device. I mean can he mod the game instead of Hacking the device or does he need to do both?
3. I have read Modding can Lock his Profile? Does that mean like getting banned?
4. Does the WiiU in Virtual Wii mode have a Mario Kart Hack?
5. Does Nintendo do anything to users found to have done this?

Thanks for any help. Please PM any answers to me.


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Re: New and Ignorant
August 08, 2013 12:47AM

1. If you mess with anything you don't know how to use, you may brick. Most are repairable, but Full Bricks are unrepairable unless you have BootMii as boot2.
2. You can hack your Wii U in Wii Mode to use custom tracks. It is possible to do it without hacking, although you can only run 1 HBC app at a time. Use LetterBomb to hack your Wii if you choose to go down that line.
3. No such thing AFAIK.
4. There is no mod for Wii U, it must be done in Wii Mode. And yes, I'll put instructions in a new message, cause this ones gotten clogged up. :)
5. They will refuse to repair your Wii. In some cases, they used to make you pay, even if your warranty was still in play, but they don't do that anymore.
6. Yes. You're right.

I've hacked my Wii and it was a great decision. Trust me, the custom tracks are sooooooo fun!!

Hopefully that covered everything for you. If you need anything else, let me know.


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