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Bricked - ...access the address marc...

Posted by Wii_no_work 
Bricked - ...access the address marc...
December 23, 2014 08:32PM

I was given a 2nd Wii which is ex Japan, so the menu's are a bit tricky to read but not the major problem.

I love a good challenge but this is getting the better of me.

When trying to access the settings menu it says "You tried to access the address marc....." etc

extensive google-ing this simply says install the homebrew channel.... Alas not easy if you have no internet / WiFi access and no way of finding the MAC address either. I opened up the console to try and find the MAC address on the WiFi chip / motherboard but alas there are a lot of numbers none of which look like a 12 digit MAC address.

Every time I download an app to a 1Gb Kensington SD card formatted to Fat32 with the boot.elf file in the root. The Wii does not recognise anything on the card. Several other SD cards produce the same results.
I think the console has an early unknown version of the firmware, as inserting an SD card does not result in the SD icon appearing next to the Wii icon.

Help appreciated !!!!
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