I think I need to update the software on my Wii
May 05, 2016 02:53AM
Wow, I cant believe that my account is still active! I havn't used it in nearly 7 years and it's still here. Says my post count is 0, but oh well.

Anyway, I think I need to update my wii. Got some new "stuff" and it doesn't work, at all. The problem is that since I haven't even used the Wii in years, my memory is shot. I'm reading through tutorials and I don't even recognize these terms anymore.

I remember from years ago there was a program I could run on the Wii that would scan the wii and dump a text file of all the software versions, etc etc. What's that called? I think I remember how to load it on the SD card. I probably need to get that before you guys can even tell me what to do to update the software (firmware?)

Treat me like a newb, I don't mind :)

EDIT: Okay, after I posted this I realized that i'm the first to post in over a month. i guess this is a dead site. I've turned on email replies, so if you can help me, i will get it.

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Re: I think I need to update the software on my Wii
May 05, 2016 11:24AM
Make sure HBC is at least version 1.1.0 then just update from the system menu. Those are the only steps needed to maintain support for homebrew; anything else is not supported here.
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