Factory Reset a modded Wii
June 30, 2016 06:54PM
Hi guys,

I'm new to this, but I've read quite a bunch of info on HB and stuff for about a month now.
I'm a Nintendo fan as far as I can remember but can't get enough time to play.

Ok, lets get to the point. My cousin was about to give me a previously modded wii (probably with only Homebrew, since he never opened that channel, someone did that to the wii). But, his nephew 'accidentally' do a factory setting on his wii, and he said that he could not play any games anymore (I assume he used to play pirated games before..).

Because of that, he wanted to give the console to me.

So, I wanted to ask you guys before I start doing anything to the console, can I proceed with the standard HB installation procedure, or I need to do some kind of diagnosis first? (Priiloader, Bootmii (iOS/boot2), etc2)

Sorry for this silly question. And I'm not into piracy. just want to have an added advantage for my future Wii.
Re: Factory Reset a modded Wii
July 02, 2016 07:36PM
You should be able to proceed with the standard homebrew installation.
Re: Factory Reset a modded Wii
July 03, 2016 01:57PM
The issue had been solve. I received it 2 days ago, and it seems its actually in semibrick condition where I can't go to setting.
Googled for the solution and solved it. Now my Wii works like a charm.
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