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February 02, 2009 11:45PM
I have finally purchased a Wii over the last weekend. And after spending fair time through this site and google, I was able to successfully install homebrew, downgrade Firmware to 3.2. One of a game that I have requires me to access Wiishop for full functionality, so fair enough I searched through web and found WiiShop Homebrew application, which allows me to only update WiiShop channel to the most recent version without affecting other parts.

But this is where I stuck. I have never registered my Wii or went through the Internet thing on the Wii System menu as I started to install homebrew right after I got the system. So whenever I try to open WiiShop it prompts me that I have to first agree with term/regulation before I can use the WiiShop channel. Fair enough, I go to Wii System Menu and select Internet, and pops up asking if I want to use WiiShop or 24 Connect. I say "yes", and the problem comes. It says I must have the latest firmware in order to proceed with this step... This will take up my Wii to 3.4 and I will lose homebrew Channel...

Please help!! I have tried to search web, but no luck. :(
Re: Wii Shop
February 03, 2009 12:44AM
You wont lose the HBC if you accept and/or upgrade to 3.4.
Re: Wii Shop
February 03, 2009 01:53AM
Thanks for quick reply Arikado

So would you suggest the best way to do this is to accept the update and upgrade to 3.4, then use Homebrew + downgrader to downgrade back to 3.2?

Thanks again
Re: Wii Shop
February 03, 2009 02:07AM
You can accept without upgrading to 3.4 (I just did this to see).
Re: Wii Shop
February 03, 2009 02:19AM
Many thanks to Arikado,

It worked fine! All I had to do is change the region back to US and accept term that way. Just like you said with US version, it won't even prompt me to upgrade before accepting the term.

Again thanks a lot!!
Re: Wii Shop
February 03, 2009 02:51AM
No problem :) If you have any other questions feel free to ask.
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