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Need help on installing bootmii

Posted by Flex 
Need help on installing bootmii
January 04, 2010 11:32PM
Ok, so for peace of mind I'd like to install bootmii on my wii.
I'd like to use a dedicated SD card for this that I can put away safely. I've got the hackmii installer on another sd card that I use for all other apps.
So please correct me if I'm wrong but can I do it like this.
Start the homebrew channel with my primary sd card inserted, run the hackmii installer untill the screen where I can install bootmii.
Then switch sd cards to my backup card and install bootmii as boot 2 (old wii, first batch). At this point bootmii is installed.
Now this is where I get confused. Is at this point a file created on the sd card that signals my wii to run bootmii when the sd card is inserted?
Or will my wii boot into bootmii every time an sd card is inserted?
What I want to achieve is that my wii boots up straight to the wii menu with my primary homebrew card inserted, like normal but will boot into bootmii when my backup card is inserted.
Please help me do this. Thanks a lot.
Re: Need help on installing bootmii
January 05, 2010 02:39AM
If the card you used to install bootmii is inserted in your wii when you turn it on, it will boot bootmii. If that card is not inserted, bootmii will not boot. It will simply launch the System Menu.
Re: Need help on installing bootmii
January 05, 2010 07:33AM
So when I put in another SD the Wii will just boot normally also or only with no SD?
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