Request / Suggestion: Exult / Ultima Wii port?
June 06, 2009 12:26AM

to make it short: There´s Exult available which makes it possible to play the good old Ultima VII (+ Serpent Isle) on newer PCs. AFAIK it uses SDL like some other applications ported to the Wii.
Since neraly all the action in Ultima VII is done with the mouse it could fit very well to the Wii.

So I am asking if somebody is maybe already working on a Wii port for Exult? Is it possible or will it need so much rewriting of the code that it´s nearly impossible? In the past there where ports to other systems (i.e. to the Windows Mobile / PocketPC) and I would love to see it on the Wii. Since I have absolutely clue about coding all I can do is just ask politely if a port is something considered by someone or not. :-)

Edit: Don´t be scared by the "latest" news from 2007 / 2008 on that page. Exult is still maintained and improved.

Kind regards,

buedi :-)

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