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Project64, EpsxE app

Posted by maxin_013 
Project64, EpsxE app
June 11, 2009 01:46PM
I know that the n64 emu you guys/girls have is a WIP, but you could probably do MUCH better using a port of Project64.
As for the PSX emu, from what I have seen, it is extremely unreliable on a pc, even w/ correct setting, and specs way better than minimum requirements.
EpsxE 1.6.0 is the definite way to go for this one.
In my opinion anyways. I am still learning C++, so I wouldn't really be able to make things like this.
(I have trouble making Hello World) -_- I suck at C++
Re: Project64, EpsxE app
June 11, 2009 05:56PM
Regarding the N64:
For one, you clearly haven't seen how the latest (erm, well, last publicly showcased) build runs. If you did, you wouldn't have bother to post that ;-)

Regarding the PS1:
It's extremely hard to port an emulator, much less write a dynarec for one. I'm sure the WiiSX/Wii64 team looked at all of the possible emulators they could port and chose PCSX for many reasons.

Both projects are far into development and it would be ridiculous to even consider changeing the base of the emulators they're working on.

You dont sound like you have much faith in the projects :P Please wait patiently like the rest of us Kthnx.

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