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maybe an mmorpg of some kind

Posted by webepoop 
maybe an mmorpg of some kind
June 15, 2009 08:22AM
i really enjoy playing games online with other people: maplestory, wolfenstein enemy territories, and things like that. But there should be an addicting mmo for the wii. it would be greatly appreciated if someone would make one or tell me of an existing one. thanks!
Re: maybe an mmorpg of some kind
June 30, 2009 08:50PM
I was working on GalaxyStations with a few guys. Then we got to a point where we could say "Hey, the game is pretty far, and we should be able to release a super early functioning alpha soon." So congradulations, it is almost there!

Unfortunately, it will never actually BE there, because shortly after, he decided to start from scratch and make it for the PC and then port it to the wii.

I am SO pissed off at Chaosteil (he also made libwiisprite, which I also hate >_<).

But yeah, you would have one by now, if it wasn't for the creator of libwiisprite (for multiple reasons)
Re: maybe an mmorpg of some kind
June 30, 2009 09:02PM
Whoah, back the bus up .... screech ....

Galaxy Stations was actually functional at some point? Whaaa? I was under the impression this was just a game idea that chaosteil never did anything with...

BTW, if you were a project member, do you have a copy of the code still?

And whats wrong with libwiisprite? It's so simple... And object oriented too...
Re: maybe an mmorpg of some kind
June 30, 2009 09:14PM
Chaostiel believed in some serious flaws in the core of programming. He had no distrinction between relative, and global values. That is the main problem with libwiisprite, making views impossible.

yes, I still have the source, and TD-Linux has all the stuff that makes it online.

Basically, we all got mad at beardface and Chaostiel for being these crappy programmers and C++ snobs, and we just stopped working.

It looks really nice actually, and using current libraries that deal with online, someone might be able to continue it...

Just make sure Chaosteil doesn't know @_@ weirdo will RUIN the project. He is like a control-o-maniac who can't admit when one solution is better than another, and ANYTHING he says is in STONE.

Anywho, I will upload it to... well my website is down... well if you really want it I will figure out where to upload the source to.

Also, it was made with an older version of libogc, so you have to run through and fix a LOT of stuff to make it work.

EDIT: Chaosteil is also from Finland. Hope that explains a lot.

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Re: maybe an mmorpg of some kind
June 30, 2009 11:37PM
Erm, Chaosteil is from Lithuania. See: [www.blogger.com]
Re: maybe an mmorpg of some kind
July 01, 2009 12:13AM
That was it! My bad. I always confuse those two.

Santa is from Finland, Chaosteil is from Lithuania!

my bad~
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