Liquid war port??
June 24, 2009 10:11AM

I'm kinda new to coding for the wii, but i can code in c/c++ so I thought I would give it a go.

Are there any tutorials for porting games?

Liquid war is on:

Re: Liquid war port??
June 30, 2009 06:22PM
I <3 Liquid wars. That is a game I made sure I had on Kubuntu.

There is no "universal" way to port stuff, unfortunately.

There are several methods, and for a begining project like this, I think the best would be to analyze and error-test.

1. I assume the game uses openGL. in that case, make sure you have gl2gx.

2. Try to compile the game. You will undoubtably get an error saying "[generic external library function call] is undefined". The easiest and funnest thing to do it just write a wrapper for all the stuff it calls. Keep repeating this until it works. (Notice how #1 is just a way of skipping 1 iteration of this step)

3. Run the program, you will probably have random crashes here and there. Go in and fix them somehow :P

That is the most generic outline for porting I can give. It is really a game-by-game process.

I, personally, would recomend porting Moria over to the wii (a project I got half way through before deciding to just make a game from scratch) which really only requires that you write a wrapper for all the ncurses.h functions, via VTterminal calls. Or, you could be more direct and just re-write sections of the game to call VT terminal stuff instead of just wrapping ncurses :P

I say this because, if this is your first time porting, then you should start off with something easy, then work up to something that has multiple dependancies. Since Moria relies mostly on the standard libraries, with the exception of ncurses, it should be a super easy port (just a bit of a long one).

Hope that helps.
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