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boot2 system menu plugins

Posted by aujakev 
boot2 system menu plugins
June 29, 2009 06:15PM
would it be posable if you used boot mii to load a custom wii menu with themes and mp3 playback, and people could make there own plugins, kinda like the psp plugins. i cant install bootmii into boot2 only as an ios but it still would be cool.
Re: boot2 system menu plugins
June 29, 2009 07:38PM
This would be pretty cool, but I dunno how feasible it is. One possibility is that this will open up the door for custom system menus, much like Custom Firmware on PSP. But actual plugins for the official System Menu probably aren't feasible with boot2. You'd need a modified System Menu, which should be possible now with a custom boot2 which will remove the security checks done by boot2 on System Menu. For those of you familiar with the PSP Homebrew "scene", it'd be kinda like a custom IPL - allows you to boot firmware without the checks normally done. This would allow us to modify the System Menu in ways that would normally brick the Wii, and with these customisations, we could add a plugin system. But without this happening, I believe the best that can happen is preloader style hacks, which I believe are done by editing memory addresses or something. However, preloader style hacks should be possible with BootMii, just aren't added because the idea behind BootMii is brick protection, not system menu hacks.

And on a side-note, theme's are already possible on Wii, legally (I think). You can use Icefire's MyMenuify to install them. According to him it's legal, but then he also made Wadder and said it was legal, so dont try it till we get confirmation from someone more knowledgeable
Re: boot2 system menu plugins
June 30, 2009 05:16PM
it will be a copy of the system menu but modied, then use the boot mii to load the modded one and not the real one, then you could add plugins there with out messing up the system menu on the nand, it could load from the sd card slot.
Re: boot2 system menu plugins
June 30, 2009 05:31PM
hmm, well with PSP, the CFW replaces OFW on the NAND, but the custom IPL allows it to run, and I'd imagine it'd work best if thats how it worked here. NAND has quicker access speed than SD card. But we could theoretically install a Custom System Menu, and use a custom boot2 to allow it to run, because the custom system menu wouldn't run if it had a regular boot2, because the boot2 would realise it wasn't official and would refuse to boot. But making a custom system menu would probably take a LONG time, so for now, I guess we're stuck with just preloader hacks as being the closest we get to "plugins".
Re: boot2 system menu plugins
June 30, 2009 05:49PM
isnt the system menu (GUI part) just a bunch of html's could we inject our own code into there?
Re: boot2 system menu plugins
June 30, 2009 06:36PM
i dunno. maybe. never really looked into it much.
Re: boot2 system menu plugins
July 01, 2009 05:35PM
cuz when you got a semi-bricked wii it shows, some crap that the web page could not be found.
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