FCE Ultra and Snes9x individual settings for each rom
July 11, 2009 10:42PM
Hi, and sorry for my bad english.

I think having individual settings for every game would give us the possibility of playing them the way we like. I'm always changing video and button mapping settings on these emulators depending the game.

On FCE Ultra I'm switching between PAL or NTSC video mode constantly. As a PAL user, I'm used to the bad conversions of the games with slower music and action (call it nostalgia), but there are good conversions (as Super Mario BROS 3) that must be played on NTSC or they will display extremly slow.

On Snes9x the problem is with button mapping. I play with de GC controller and it's impossible to control every game with the same button mapping. I have to change it every time I start a game and usually do two or three attemps until I get the ideal mapping.
Also, there's a little problem with the zoom and position of the image. It's works fine with most of the games (maybe I've found only one exception): The image is smaller and moved up while playing Chrono Trigger, it would nice to have a way to play it full screen without messing with the others games.

Should it be a unique file where every game and its setting are listed or a file attached to each rom, I don't know. That's for the developers to find the better solution.

Thanks for your time.

EDIT: I edited the Subject to make it more understandable.

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Re: FCE Ultra and Snes9x individual config
July 12, 2009 04:32AM
I think, that's a good idea.
Should be done on all platforms, not just the Wii.

A per-user per-game settings file.
(May even be included in the game's .zip)
Re: FCE Ultra and Snes9x individual settings for each rom
September 26, 2009 09:36PM
i think the better idea would be to use certain video options if the game title had (u),(e), or (j) in its title. this wont cover all games, but it would be much smarter than trying to save settings for every one of the 1000000000 roms that people have on their SD card. and wouldn't be too terrible to code.

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Re: FCE Ultra and Snes9x individual settings for each rom
October 30, 2009 12:37PM
^^^Some emulators require you to adjust a .cfg file yourself to make them work properly. For example Tantrics Dos-Box Wii has on it's Wiibrew page that you may have to use the PC version of Dos-Box to find the optimum settings to run specific games, and edit the .cfg file for it to be able to play it on Wii. Anyways what I'm getting at with this is that possibly an emulator author could adjust an emulators .cfg file to where it binds itself to any given rom and saves your settings that you desginate for that game rom. So for instance if say you play Chrono Trigger on SNES9X, and you set the emulator for NTSC at 60FPS, with the buttons set to each button on a GC controller the way you like, and w/e else you like to configure video wise like what filter is used and such, then the emulator would go and save those details into the .cfg file for that rom. Then when next time you loaded up that rom the emulator would in a sense remember those settings and read them from the .cfg file it made last time you played that rom, and apply those settings.

Basically I guess you can say I'm implying that hard coded .cfg customizations should be saveable within the emulator when you choose settings for each individual game, instead of us the end users having to modify a .cfg file ourselves. The way I propose this be implemented would be to add a option to emulator menus along the lines of the following: Custom Config Preferences <<----------That would be what you would see in the options menu. And the options with that would be: Default (always reset emu settings on start up), and Save Prefs Per Game which would ask you to verify that choice, and re-configure the emulator for that setup so that it can create those within the .cfg it outputs onto your storage device. And when you start up a game with your choice of button selections and video modes the emulator will auto add/save those settings to it's .cfg file and show you a progress bar or something indicating it's saving those preferences into the .cfg file. If you messed with all the options more than once the emulator would simply overwrite the previous changes in the .cfg file.

Anyways please dont think this option is present in the emulators at present, as it is merely my idea of how this could be feasibly achieved, and be less taxing to do and implement.

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