Staring Programming Homebrew
August 05, 2009 03:09AM
I'm thinking about starting to program my own homebrew using the Devit (however you spell it) program. I have 2 questions. 1) Is the language in Devit C++ . 2) Does anybody have any tips on starting to program homebrew. I've never programmed anything using C++ before but I am determined to start (I have a book about it so I can kinda figure out how to). I don't really have anything in mind to start programming but any simple ideas would really be helpful. Thanks SO much!
Re: Staring Programming Homebrew
August 05, 2009 11:00AM
Yes the language used is C++, but DevKit isn't a program. Its an SDK. You use it and the libraries contained with in it to make homebrew, but it isn't a program. And I think the advised way to do it is to learn C++ first, then move onto Wii programming. But when you're ready, there are tutorials on WiiBrew. Here's a link []

Oh and here's some more info on DevKit Pro []
Re: Staring Programming Homebrew
August 05, 2009 08:12PM
C and C++ can be used. Yes, it is best to learn C/C++ first then learn Wii.
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