August 27, 2009 01:53PM
Is anyone working on/interested in a Nethack port? It's open source, and seems to have been ported to multiple platforms (including DS).

Anyone feel like devoting some of their life for free to do this? I suppose I could spend a year working out how to do it...
Re: Nethack
September 08, 2009 02:12AM
I will devote some time for free.But im a beginner C/C++ Dev so you might wanna try and find someone exp.
In that area..

But I will still help if I can. :)


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Re: Nethack
October 21, 2009 08:22PM
Sorry, thanks for this. I appreciate your offer for help, but I can't code to save my life. That is, unless my life were dependent on coding a Wii application which can play some music and display images.

I'm just gunning for someone to do all the work for me.
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