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A "browser-like" Wii disc-based games file extractor.

Posted by PabloACZ 
A "browser-like" Wii disc-based games file extractor.
September 09, 2009 08:47AM
I'm plenty sure you know WUFE, don't you? It's function is to extract the contents of the first partition encountered on a Wii game (a.k.a. "update partition"). Well, I think about making an app that allows extracting the contents of every partition using code from the above-mentioned app... Like a port of the Trucha Signer to the own console (using libraries like LibWiiGUI to make a nice GUI) (using original games, of course [can't be added a sorta "copy protection", for those who have modchips?]) (and, obviously, remember that no content can be replaced; it's just an extractor). If this transgress the forum rules, just close this thread or delete it. I'll understand. I'm a n00b at compiling apps...

P.D.: sorry for my bad english.

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