Neverball Port
October 18, 2009 09:50PM
A great addition to Wii homebrew would be a port of Neverball. It's a game sort of like Super Monkey Ball, it's open-source (of course) and it was coded in C with SDL. I would try to attempt this myself, but I don't have much coding experience.
Re: Neverball Port
October 19, 2009 12:59AM
Hm. Looks pretty cool.

I like this idea.
Re: Neverball Port
November 02, 2010 11:30PM
I have discovered this game today when i was looking for water rendering in google ...

It could be a good idea even for a beginner in game development since one can learn many things about game scripting, , game play. Nevertheless since it is a port one must master compilation and gl to gx port.

Do you know if someone has already tried and port the game or is it only a prospect ?

Best regards.
Re: Neverball Port
November 03, 2010 02:19AM
The code has already been ported to many plateforms including Dreamcast.
It should be possible to port it to wii if we understand what is really needed.
Maybe we could ask some help to the developper team.

Here follows my story.
Quick Test : try and compile the code from scratch in order to see what is needed.

My Install of devkitpro :

[0] Copy the source files from share and putt directories
>> Try to build a "neverputt.dol" target in a new project Directory
>> Makefile copied from SDL project

[1] SDL :
>> Using Wii SDL Port = SDL Wii 10-08-2010
>> libSDLb.a contains a "main" method in SDL_wii_main.o
>> I have removed SDL_wii_main.o from the lib to avoid problems
>> Compilation and Link OK

[2] GL :
>> Using Wii GL Port GL2GX = gl2gx-src-20080713
>> Change Vector to guVector ( #define Vector guVector )
>> Compilation and Link OK

[3] libpng :
>> From GRRLIB 4.3
>> Compilation and Link OK

[4] libjpeg :
>> From GRRLIB 4.3
>> Compilation and Link OK

[5] libvorbis / libogg
>> SMALL Problem : i don't have precompiled libraries for wii
>> I have included the headers from the sources of the two libs in libogc/include
>> It could be OK.

[6] physfs :

>> BIG Problem : platform configuration ?
>> include .h and .c in source directory from root directory.
>> I have tried to set Platform = Unix + copy files unix.c + posix.c ...

>> BIG Problem : include unistd.h, pthread.h ?
>> I don't really know how to do that ....
>> I have tried and use some hints from the web + comment the calls if necessary.
>> I have hacked this part of the program in order to avoid errors on compilation and link steps

>> SMALL Problem : one need to define PHYSFS_Archive_DIR
>> I don't know that it means
>> i have tried and protect the code !!

Conclusion A :
>> I have build a dol file with the original sources + some small hacks in platform files
>> I have'nt tested it but i am sure it should stop on error due to my hacks in the code.

Conclusion B :
>> I have used some extra libs found on the web that i haven't used before for my wiibrew.
>> A debugger tool and a direct link to a wii is necessary to make this port and i just use an SD card !!

Conclusion C :
>> I am not sure i have a chance to obtain a successfull port by myself !

Good Night.

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