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Request: A non-linux based port of OpenBor. Possibly emulators made for Wii linux only as well?

Posted by nightwishfan1 
I made this request, cause I'm not the biggest fan of using linux on Wii. Things seem too complicated or you need to have some sort of connection to the internet in most cases. You need to partition your storage devices. For me it's a bit much, as I got no coding skills whatsoever. I mean I dont mind messing with my PCs command prompt for basic things every now and then, but when it comes to stuff like this I'm lost. And the thing that gets me is that I cant use w/e is developed for linux, just cause as I stated and summarized above I just dont get linux at all.

So my request is mainly for OpenBor, but I'll expand it to cover any emulators that reside as Wii linux ports only for now. I'm not requesting it just for myself, but for those who are like me who cant grasp linux whatsoever.

Again thanks to any who may take up such a port. It would be greatly appreciated.
I spoke to the coder of OpenBOR Wii a few days ago actually, this is what he said

Lately, I've tried to pitch this to the main coders over at lavalit.com but they don't seem to have an interest of doing an official port for the Wii. After looking at the advancements myself, I can only hope that Tantric will consider porting the engine over.
It would be cool if Tantric could do something for it. Linux is something I dont understand and is frankly an out of the way option just to get a few things to play on the Wii. To me it's just entirely too much setting up, which I barely understand the point of sometimes. A direct Wii port is the easier option. Three steps and you're playing. 1. Setup file directories....2. Copy necessary files to storage device.....3. Load and enjoy the program, emu, or w/e.
yeah, you just... you know, have to port the code as well
^^^Lol yes I know. Which sucks that I have no idea how to code things up. Probably the only time I ever coded something was for a small programming class in high school, and it was BASIC I learned a little of. Had to make a rocket take off on your screen. I thought it would be something I'd get into, cause I like using computers, and I figured why not try it you know? Turned out I wasnt expecting what it would take.

Anyways I was only illustrating a point at how much easier it is to set up for native Wii homebrew as opposed to linux.
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