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Community Collaborative Homebrew Game

Posted by SteelSLasher 
Community Collaborative Homebrew Game
February 20, 2010 08:38PM
I am working on a Zelda themed game engine [www.wiibrew.org] and since i am making a game out of it i need some constructive advice:

Graphics style?
Already decided it to be 2D but not sure if i should make it ALttP, Minish or custom style.

Would the WMP add enough to the game to make it viable?

All 2D Zelda games had cutscenes with ingame sprites, i was thinking animated cartoons to add a level of realism and to make the game more dramatic.

Custom levels/dungeons/quests?
brawl had this, so did zelda classic, so why not whatever i end up making

Also, i want this game to involve the fan community as much as possible, do you guys think people will treat this seriously and make serious contributions (cutscenes, storyline adjustments, graphics, music<-important! ).
Re: Community Collaborative Homebrew Game
February 20, 2010 08:42PM
I'd be willing to help out with music. I've had a tiny bit of experience already with making music, I made some for the Bash The Castle game, and I helped out a little bit with GOF.
Meh, Scratch that, I'm probably not going to have enough time to commit to that. :(

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Re: Community Collaborative Homebrew Game
February 20, 2010 09:02PM
Eh, I might as well make my mark on the scene. I can help with story, and graphics.
Re: Community Collaborative Homebrew Game
February 20, 2010 09:13PM
for music i am looking for quality like that of the artists at ocremix.org, they are absolutely amazing, i have already chosen a few of the zelda remixes available because they sound really good

i did a bit of looking around and it looks like for graphics deviantart is the best place and for music i should look at ocremix or zreo (Zelda REOrchestrated)

i bought a WMP for sports resort and i am hoping to get to play with it in homebrew so that should be interesting to see how that goes.

I have an idea for two wiimotes with WMP, one is a shield and the other is a sword, i thought that it would probably make the game extremely difficult but at the same time almost real life (except for the fact that your motions are mapped onto a 2D plane)

i should have a written up storyline soon, i have deliberately made the storyline so that it betrays the standard zelda storylines (zelda gets captured and you go on a solo mission kicking everything out off the way to find that "suprisingly" ganon was behind it all, and then zelda rejects you)
Re: Community Collaborative Homebrew Game
March 06, 2010 05:33AM
Hi there,

If you want some original music for your game, I'd be happy to contribute.

Relevant Music Samples:

I can also contribute art if needed.


(Edit: Is this a Zelda-like RPG game engine or are you making a Zelda game? If it's just a Zelda game disregard this post as remixes aren't really my thing.)

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Re: Community Collaborative Homebrew Game
March 06, 2010 11:24PM
well if its sprite work, I could probably help with that if someone sends me base sprites to modify, I'm not too good from scratch. I could also write the story with someone.
Re: Community Collaborative Homebrew Game
March 14, 2010 05:33PM
This is both the engine and the game (i need an engine as without one we cant have custom dungeons)
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