A way to import/export (maybe share?) opera links.
March 22, 2010 03:58AM
Can we, for example, make an executable file that reads a text or xml document and writes that to either 1)an image or 2)the wii's memory, wherever the bog standard wii opera keeps it's favourites. Better still, could we edit your favourites on your wii directly from your pc browser on the fly, without booting up opera? Typing links is a loathsome chore, what what.
Sorry if this old hat, I did search the forum for "opera links" and got no results. I have no idea as to whether such a thing is impossible or ludicrously complicated to achieve. It would, however, be very groovy, if someone were generous with their time and expertise.
We could share wii specific links. rss feeds. podcasts. twitter feeds. youtube clips. flash games yadayada. Lots of wii suitable content out there.
Re: A way to import/export (maybe share?) opera links.
April 02, 2010 12:09AM
Check out [wiibrew.org] It's a homebrew app which lets you boot Opera to any URL you desire. Just make several copies of bootOpera in your apps folder with different names (e.g. wiibrew, youtube, etc.) and edit the url.cfg and meta.xml in each one. Then open the homebrew channel and select the one you want, and it'll open Opera directly at that URL. It's the closest you can get to what you want, I believe.
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