Help for Game SoundTrack
June 13, 2010 12:49PM
Hello everybody !

I'm working on a game that is a remake of Scorched Earth.

This is a game of war, destruction and carpet bombing, so...

I want, to make a good introduction. First, in the darkness of space, a text appear line by line, in the center of screen. Progressively, stars incoming. Next, the earth come by the bottom-right corner. At this moment, in the center of screen, the title of the game appear in letters of fire : "SCORCHED EARTH". Some picture of war flash on the screen.

I'm looking for a track with a Free License (on for example) that can stuck to this presentation. For the moment, I use a Techno Trance track but it's not what I want.

I need a track slow and dark for 30~50 seconds, that break strongly and start with energy (when the title appear).

Any suggestion will be receive with happiness, pleasure and flowers !

Ps : This is a message in a bottle, I've search for the ultimate Track for hours and I don't find it. The main problem : I dislike this kind of music :D

PPS : You can see the introduction of my game by clicking Credits in the main menu. All text are in french for the moment.

PPPS: MOD, MP3, OGG, XM, WAV, etc...
Re: Help for Game SoundTrack
August 14, 2010 01:51AM
How far is this port coming along? I tried to play it but not only did i have to hard shutdown my wii from the options menu (didn't see a back button), But also couldn't even start a match. Not trying insult but maybe i'm missing something.
Is it coded graphicly for use on a widescreen because i have standard?
Re: Help for Game SoundTrack
August 14, 2010 08:16PM

Thank you to be interested in my work ! This is encouraging.

My work is not a port. It is a remake. Each line of code are mine and the gameplay is not exactly the same as the original game.
I'm sad you cannot play this game - it is playable (even if some weapons don't work) - and your feed back is gold for me ! I will check the released version and send you a new version, in english (you will prefer for sure :) )

For the widescreen... it's in standby but the final release will work for all kinds of standard. Just be patient.

Thank you a lot.
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