Homebrew Game needs coder - Castlevania Clone
July 31, 2010 11:52AM
see, the thing is, i cant code. i know nothing about code. nor wii development.
however, i can do graphics, sounds, music and basically everything else.

so, i wanted to make a castlevania clone. pretty straightforward actually.
i started this years ago for pc and still have the sprites around. the sprites are pixel art and of super nintendo quality, similar to super castlevania 4.

what i basically want to do is a game with a few stages, walking and running from left to right, whip a few baddies, fight end boss, repeat. like castlevania rebirth, just faster with a few extra features like running and whipping diagonally.

as i have already said, i can do everything but the codes by myself.
i am willing to learn various tools to design levels and the such, but i simply cant code. i tried for years. i was always bad in math and i accepted that, so thats where i need help.

if anyone is interested, drop me a PM please :)

edit: what I already have:
tileset (mostly complete)
spriteset (all bosses, main characters, some enemies)
level layouts on paper (all six of them)
some midi music (can be ported to any format)
some sound effects
some basic room layouts
story and gameplay finalized
control settings (duh XD)

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Re: if i may ask: anyone interested in doing a castlevania clone with me?
August 05, 2010 08:10PM
I'm definitely interested. PM sent.
Homebrew Game needs coder - Castlevania Clone
November 01, 2010 08:16PM
So, thatOtherPerson managed to get me started quite nicely, and we┬┤ve sewn together a demo type of thing of my homebrew castlevania clone.
so now, id need somebody to actually finish the game. basic movement and battle system aswell as levelsystem and the likes work.
so if youre a coder and want/can help me out, drop me a line. ill send you over the demo of the game and you can see how it looks and plays, get an idea of what i want.
think super castlevania 4 meets castlevania rebirth^^
Re: if i may ask: anyone interested in doing a castlevania clone with me?
November 02, 2010 10:55AM
I could help out, but I don't have access to a Wii right now. Not that that should be a huge problem, with GuitarsOnFire I spend 90% of the testing time on my PC.

Are you willing to show a screenshot? I'm wondering if we could reach a larger group of people then just the Wii homebrew.
Re: if i may ask: anyone interested in doing a castlevania clone with me?
November 02, 2010 12:28PM
you can check screenshots at my blog [ezekielrage.wordpress.com] under the tab of wii homebrew.
well, thatotherperson was kind enough to give me the source code. we also did development on PC for testing purpouses.
my first goal would it be to release a fully playable demo version of the project on wiibrew, my blog and various other wii homebrew outlets.
i would also release a PC demo for everyone to enjoy and then go on with level fixes and updates from here...
Re: Homebrew Game needs coder - Castlevania Clone
November 02, 2010 01:48PM
Screenshots look good =D

Just wondering, ThatOtherGuy stopped helping you or something? Or is he still working on it?

And judging from the screenshots, first thing I would do is add some enemy code. No castlevania is complete without some zombies.
Re: Homebrew Game needs coder - Castlevania Clone
November 02, 2010 03:30PM
thatotherperson is curretnly busy, so he had to stop working on it.
some basic enemy code is already included, but it is VERY limited. what can be done:

run through the currently finished levels (3 of 6)
select each map individually
walk run jump attack and duck
fight basic enemies (crows, skeletons, zombies)
some BGM is playing
HUD is visible but not working as of now

whats left to do for the first demo:
work out enemy codes
work out boss battle of stage 1
ad sound effects
make HUD work (maybe change HUD position)
add title screen

once this is done we can put up a first demo and begin working on the rest. if yorue interested PM me and we can make this work :)
Re: Homebrew Game needs coder - Castlevania Clone
November 03, 2010 12:00AM
Ok, I got my hands on the code and all the artwork. Artwork looks great, the code... could be better. Music sounds great :-) really fits the mood for the game.
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