Probably impossible, but what about Wii as a print server?
August 27, 2010 07:58PM
Ok I've played with the home brew channel a bit, that is to say very little but have made some very stupid functioning 'programs'.

And now in my new place I wanted the printer downstairs where the laptops would be and was looking at buying a print server and thought, hey the Wii has USB ports and supports WPA2 (which is very hard to find in a cheap print server).

Now I realize I probably could do this somehow with CUPS and Linux on Wii, but does anyone think it'd be possible at all to do in Homebrew channel? Really it's just handling the network requests and figuring out what needs to be sent to the USB. I don't think I'd even need a print driver because usually that's handled on the computer/laptop/windows whatever side.

I have played with networking a bit but all of the USB examples don't work well for me, it seems to not give the actual USB raw interface but just an interface to a HID keyboard or something.

Thanks for any help or pointers in the right direction, I'm expecting to work hard toward the goal but any USB thoughts or other programs that use it for odd purposes would be great!
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