Metroid: Other M and Riivolution
September 09, 2010 12:26AM
Firstly, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post something like this. If it is not the right place, then please let me know where I should go.

I've seen some impressive work on Smash Bros. and Mario Kart with Riivolution, replacing entire stages/races.

I am not sure just how hard this sort of work is to do, but I was hoping it would be possible to find a group of people interested in taking Metroid: Other M, and begin remaking Planet Zebes from Super Metroid - perhaps in a prequel style.

Just as an idea: Right before Kraid in Super Metroid, Samus runs in to a dead Galactic Federation officer. Could be about him. You start out on the frigate, and you get attacked by Phantoon, you don't quite beat him, Frigate crashes, find yourself in Crateria, your escape pod landed just above where Samus lands her ship in SM. So you jump down. The officer is wearing a Galactic Federation prototype suit, that has the Gravity Suit functionality, and ice beam to start. Maybe we can make "morph ball" just look like him rolling around, lol.

It plays out for a while, and then you get to Kraid's lair, where you attack a slew of Mini-Kraids, a loud sound plays, the excuse is "Kraid" attacked and killed you, leaving only one mini-kraid alive, and of course the full-size Kraid that we can avoid having 'seen'.

So then, a lost Chozo soul of Zebesian past, that had come once to investigate the growth of a new civilization (space pirates), comes to say that Samus is on her way, and he is not to go just yet. The Chozo, using the slime of a deceased Metroid and the last of his souls power, rebirths him in to a Chozo-suit equipped new version of him. He leaves his old body behind, with a Samus-like Power Suit (but blue). Whatever else happens beyond that point, I don't know. But basically the idea is remaking Super Metroid but different enough that his being there 'explains' why different bosses or encounters happen as they do.

I think it would be a very interesting project. I'm not sure how possible it is, but I would be willing to learn anything I can!

PS: Maybe we can have a Dark Samus kameo?
PPS: Maybe we can say this is Houston from the Nintendo Power Metroid
Re: Metroid: Other M and Riivolution
September 10, 2010 03:13AM
Are you requesting an add-on for an official Wii game? That cannot be done (without some serious modifications) and is not what this section of the forum is for.
Re: Metroid: Other M and Riivolution
September 10, 2010 07:15PM
That's a neat idea, but for professional game developers, not homebrew developers (most of us have other commitments such as school/work/life). A rom hacker (one who modifies a rom of a game) might be more interested.
Re: Metroid: Other M and Riivolution
September 13, 2010 02:11AM
I wasn't refering to hacking a ROM/ISO, I prefer the fact that Riivolution requires a copy of the actual game. Nor any single person commiting a large portion of their time each week to this project (single-time contributions to a project would be just as helpful).

It seems that, at least in Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros. Brawl, you can replace level, texture, sound, and music data with whatever real-time injected content you like. By changing each room in Other M, with multiple amateur level designers and texture artists, dividing the work in to bite-size pieces, injecting new level, music, and character data (recycling as much of the original game as possible to reduce load times from the SD card), to create a game map very reminiscient of Super Metroid's Zebes, but with tunnels that twist and turn, and such. And it wouldn't have to be the longest game ever, don't ever have to go to Maridia or Lower Norfair.

Mostly I'm just looking for people who would be interested in either working on it or helping me to understand what I need to know to start doing it myself.

If this isn't the right place, I would like it if someone would let me know if they have an idea where the best place to turn to would be?

I'm sorry if anyone feels like I am wasting their time with this request.
Re: Metroid: Other M and Riivolution
September 13, 2010 06:25AM
Well I suppose that request is fine here, I don't know Metroid well and I was under the impression that you wanted to seriously modify and/or add stuff into the game (which can be done, but would be better left to the professionals). I don't know how many people would potentially take up this project, but it can be done.
Re: Metroid: Other M and Riivolution
September 21, 2010 05:06PM
I have played Metroid since the days of the NES and Game boy. I would love to help you out. Although I would need a Super metroid game to refresh myself. I also would not mind fiddling around with the new Metroid Other M games text and music. I will take a look at the game with My wiitool set and see what we can start with. I am in no way implying that I will be able to get any of it done anytime soon , as I am still playing that game. I will however take a look and let you know what I may be able to contribute to your new story. In regards to everyone else, I think that the poster has a great idea that could be a reality with just a little bit of help from everyone else.

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Re: Metroid: Other M and Riivolution
September 22, 2010 10:10AM
Excellent! Thanks for the reply. Let me know what you think when you have a chance, I'll start coming up with a more specific idea of how we can lay out the maps and convey the story. I'm not sure what the level map limitations might be (whether having an amount of rooms and elevators inconsistant with Other M would be problem or not). But even if it is, I'm sure we can pair it up with a save-game or something to get Samus relocated on the game map, and design the areas around those limitations.

If anyone else feels they may be interested in joining or contributing to this project, please post to let us know.

I may ask around at OC Remix, if we get this going, to see if we can get some looped-versions of remixed Super Metroid tunes going, and perhaps something new if, perhaps, we even add a unique zone to the game...which I have some ideas for.

You've got me all excited Zeveroth. =D Let me know if there's anything I can do to help you out, but for now, there's some speed runs available at []
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