wii impact force calculator
September 12, 2010 01:31PM
I have an idea for an app that calculates the force generated from a punch kick or impact. I just wanted to know if the wiimote is capable of detecting these forces.

The idea is that the app takes in information about the object being hit, it needs to know its weight including the wiimote which will either be attached or be put inside inside.

The wiimote will have to be attached to the object so that it is on the opposite side to the person and that the front should also be facing away (the back of the wiimote is in contact with the object)

Using a second wiimote (this will have to be used to enter details and stuff) the user will initiate the calibration so that the app knows what is "rest", after calibration the app will notify the user that they can punch the object. The app will then take the largest positive Z acceleration

using this single value we can calculate the impact force(force = mass*accel), i believe this is the most accurate way to this as the largest acceleration will almost definitely be the first data reading
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