A new challenger appears... mayhap it be ZSNES?
October 30, 2010 01:39PM
I rarely ever request anything from anyone, other than help sometimes regarding info and clarifications regarding numerous topics. And I even do so less when I know I haven't contributed, and will probably never will be able to cooperate. But I figured it was still pretty much worth a shot.

I'm pretty satisfied with SNES9x GX. I used SNES9x for 5 years for all my gaming needs, until I discovered ZSNES and it's netplay properties some time ago. There used to be a community designed to take advantage of this feature, called Classic Gaming Arena, where people would host games and meet other people to play with... good times. Good times indeed.

Back to topic... SNES9x never really did come close to the same quality netplay ZSNES had natively. Although SNES9k, a derived work that would use Kaillera to connect to dedicated servers, is considered by many one of the best ways to netplay SNES games, I would beg to differ. After many countless days playing with friends online, I would easily choose ZSNES for the job.

What I'd like to ask is if there is someone out there capable AND willing to port over at least versions 1.36 and/or 1.42 over to the Wii. The source can be easily found on their official website, and they've ported it over to Linux as far as their knowledge allowed them to (not that it might be relevant to this case, but still thought it was worth mentioning).
If not, would it be too much to ask the developers for ZSNES for their netplay code to be added specifically and only to the GX series of SNES9x? I would ask them myself if needed.
Or at least integrate Kaillera...

I do hope someone like Tantric would take this into consideration. If not, well... at least I hope someone else takes interest in this. I know most people (myself included) would say "do it yourself", but it just so happens I'm not proficient in any coding language.
I can't say I understand the ordeals many of the esteemed devs that constantly contribute to wiibrew with their apps go through, but I try. I know their all human, and have their own lives.

Well... there. That's what I wanted to ask. Thanks for your attention.
Re: A new challenger appears... mayhap it be ZSNES?
October 31, 2010 03:26AM
Isnt zsnes the one that is written with lots of asm? non-ppc asm? If so, then its not really "porting", its called re-writing. and that really makes this post "Will somebody write an snes emulator that runs near perfectly for me?"

The amount of work required to do this is not trivial. And if somebody was to take on this project, i promise you it would have nothing to do with the fact that you have requested it. This is the kind of stuff that somebody spends months on because they want to do it for theirself.

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Re: A new challenger appears... mayhap it be ZSNES?
October 31, 2010 09:48AM
Well, I wasn't asking for someone to twist my words so that I looked like a bad person. I would appreciate you not writing in such a vile way, since I took the time to explain my thoughts on having myself posting requests, me confessing having no idea how to program and having a vague understanding of the painful road people go through to port, or as you have already explained it, rewrite an entire emulator, among other useful applications out there. Given that I don't know how to do it myself, I "requested" it... unless the name of these subforums is somehow misleading.

Besides, what I asked would not be exclusive to me in any way, and I would not care any less if by some random act I were to be somehow "thanked" for coming up with this idea, which I hardly believe it's original anyways.

I do not believe I merited a response of that quality. Unlike other people posting here, I try the most to be as clear and grammatically correct as possible, all while being polite and understanding. If I make a mistake, pray tell me and I will correct it. If there's something I do not know, teach me if you wish. But don't brand me a noob and make an example out of me. Please. You might have better understanding regarding programming and such, but that doesn't give you any right to treat me this way.

I feel that what I asked was valid, yet I'm not holding to anyone's word that they will port it (rewrite it, whatever) for me. If it does get somewhere, hurray. If it doesn't, it won't and that's that.

What I have asked still stands. And I would like to also add that it's quite pointless to tell me "it's so incredibly difficult that if I can't (and won't) do it, nobody will. And you're stupid for asking". So please, if you're gonna say that or something similar, don't. I'll take a polite rejection any day, but not that kind of answer.

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Re: A new challenger appears... mayhap it be ZSNES?
October 31, 2010 11:51AM
Unlike Snes9x, available ZSNES source code is not portable, it's written in x86 assembly which means it would need to be rewritten quite entirely in order to run on the Wii. I can say without any doubts that nobody is ever going to do that.

This also seems like a big waste of time if the only thing you want is netplay code. I don't quite understand the logic of your request either, especially when this kind of feature mostly depends on the platform you are coding on and need to be recoded during the port, which is why there is netplay support in snes9x but not in the Wii port.

To sum up, asking for a "port" of ZSNES because it has better netplay support than Snes9x on your computer does not make much sense, it's like asking people to port Project64 instead of Mupen64 because the PC version has a nicer ROM selection interface ....

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Re: A new challenger appears... mayhap it be ZSNES?
November 01, 2010 01:10AM
Well, scratch having ZSNES on Wii. I knew from the beginning it was a longshot asking for it, but at least now I know why it hasn't already been done.

In any case, would it be possible to at least port the SNES9x versions that have netplay enabled, or SNES9k at the very least? I know these are quite old compared to the revision the current SNES9x GX is based upon, but these older versions are the only ones I know that have netplay enabled natively.

I do hope I never have to ask for anything here again, 'cuz it seems that even if I ask something politely, I'm quickly scolded for every little reason. If I request something it's because I don't know how to do it myself (unless this place was not meant to be for "requests"). I did not know if ZSNES could be ported or not, that's why I asked. I ask because I do not know. I expect an answer, not a scolding.
Re: A new challenger appears... mayhap it be ZSNES?
November 01, 2010 01:18AM
Apparently you didn't read ekeeke's response very carefully. Netplay components would have to be (mostly) rewritten from scratch to work on the Wii. To that end, it would make more sense to extend the current build of SNES9x GX to include netplay support.
Re: A new challenger appears... mayhap it be ZSNES?
November 01, 2010 01:29AM
I thought I did. But your response did make alot more sense. I can't say I've completely grasped it, but I have a better understanding now. I'll just keep quiet now and hope netplay is added some time in the future, if ever.
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