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Dual Gameboy Emulation - VBA GX?

Posted by Ralphis 
Dual Gameboy Emulation - VBA GX?
December 05, 2010 12:18PM
I'm sure this ranks absolutely last on the developer's TODO list, but I really think that the following would be a great feature:

For the less system intensive Gameboy (Color), allow two instances to be run on the same screen simultaneously and emulate a system link. This would be great for multiplayer games from that era and, most importantly, allow the linking up of Pokemon Red/Blue or Gold/Silver. I'd really love the opportunity to enjoy these games that I loved as a kid with my girlfriend (and be able to trade her whatever cool Pokemon), all on my tv.

Is this a realistic request to ever expect implemented? Tantric and company have done a great job with this and all of the other software on the Wii. I'm new to the "scene" and just a casual observer, but have been enjoying my Wii as more than a paper weight!

Thanks a lot!
Re: Dual Gameboy Emulation - VBA GX?
December 05, 2010 01:26PM
It'd probably take a fair bit of work, but in theory I think it should be possible. Doesn't mean it'll happen though...As you say, developers probably have other features they're more interested in. Also, Tantric has a whole bunch of emulators, and a load of other apps, so he probably doesn't have time to spend a long time adding one feature to one emulator. But I dunno, he may do it someday.
Re: Dual Gameboy Emulation - VBA GX?
December 06, 2010 10:41AM
VBA is not coded to run twice side by side (I looked at it) wanting this in VBA requires a lot of work.

I have coded a GB emulator from scratch that runs 2 GBs (or even 4) side by side. However, emulation is not perfect, and link emulation fails in many cases (tetris kinda works, but pokemon trading generates strange results)
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