Atari Jaguar
February 07, 2011 11:14PM
I'm not so technical

But maybe an idea for a Atari Jaguar Emulation with USB Support perhaps...

Re: Atari Jaguar
February 08, 2011 03:10AM
no offense meant to the OP, but...

projects that are big like this would only be done by somebody that actually wants to do it. i cant imagine that anybody would take the time to write/port/code/create a project that would take weeks or months all because somebody requested it. the person who would do this project would obviously have thought about it for a while and then made up their mind to do it.

GOOD ideas for the request section are...
1) simple ideas. something that wouldnt take too much work and that somebody probably hasnt thought about before. 2) even ideas that are geared toward 1 or 2 specific purposes, without a bunch of bells, whistles, and options.

BAD ideas for the request section are...
1) anything including emulating another processor ( any console/PC/handheld emulator )
2) anything that requires writing a driver for a specific purpose ( requests for anything that uses a USB camera/controller/fax machine )
3) anything that requires writing logic to parse though remotely complex data, even if it is a well documented format ( wii banner player/web browser/torrent client/irc client )
4) anything dealing with any sort of filesystem ( add XXXXXX filesystem support to YYYYYY existing homebrew )
5) anything dealing with ANY closed source project ( porting/editing/adding features... )
6) etc.

go and read the past threads in this section and try to see which ones actually materialized into real homebrew.
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