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Homebrew Development

Posted by me.me.mii 
Homebrew Development
April 09, 2011 07:04PM
Hi guys, I'm new around here so sorry if i missed this allready being suggested/done

I finaly decided to get involved in homebrewing, but i am discouraged by the fact that its all C++ which i just have a mental block with learning (Java/VB.net/Cobol no prob, just not C++)
So i was browsing and found out about WiiGameStudio, And all its legal/ethical issues, and I decided that i want to make a fixed/better/free version with no wthical problems. However, I have a GUI allmost compleet (less than 2 weeks till its done :D) but need some help. I dont know what libires (allong with licence info ect.) I need to include nor how to lay out my code when its transcribed.

If anyone with C++ exsperiance could help me out It would be much appreciated :D

Thanks in advance

Re: Homebrew Development
April 09, 2011 07:47PM
You might be in a predicament. However you could try incorporating Lua for Wii. [www.google.com.jm]

The only problem with this is that firstly you will have to learn Lua and secondly Lua will not allow you to do special custom wii tricks unless you compile your own wii version in C++.

Look at the lua code for this wii homebrew program: [forum.wiibrew.org] ( if you are smart you should me able to quickly see how it works without any C++ at all ). Its only limit is the features that the C++ gives it.
Re: Homebrew Development
April 09, 2011 10:03PM
Who the fuck do you think you're fooling? I can see through your atrocious spelling and the fact that you think you can make a WGS clone.
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