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TRS-80 Color Computer Emulator?

Posted by erawk72 
TRS-80 Color Computer Emulator?
June 03, 2011 05:12PM
Hi all!

New to the forum (and HB in general). Just wondering if anyone has considered an emu for the Radio Shack/Tandy TRS-80 Color Computer system(s)? I noticed that even the Timex Sinclair has been emu'd and wondered why nobody bothered with this idea? It was a really fun machine (when I was a kid, back in the early 14th century) that let you program in their own "flavor" of BASIC. I still have one downstairs, along with a few programming books, and it would be fun to use this system without lugging it out all the time (even though I have a mint cassette drive for mine! lol)

So, just thought I'd appeal to any of the "old" dudes like myself, and wondered if anyone has thought of this. I searched but couldn't find anything on this topic.

Re: TRS-80 Color Computer Emulator?
June 07, 2011 04:23PM
I just remembered something about the CoCo system that might be fun:

The basic joystick controllers were "free floating" so to speak, ie, they didn't jump back to the center position when you let go of them. I noticed that a lot of programmers of the time (including myself!) used that as an advantage, like Dave Edson's "Catch'Em", which would be difficult to play if the stick snapped back. It occurs to me that the Wiimote has such a quality too, and this could be emulated. I've never seen an emu for this computer that uses that properly (I've seen joystick functions mapped to the arrow keys, but that's a bad bad joke).

Anyway, thought I'd say. I've seen a few CoCo emus online now that let you mess with the source code, so if anyone has some time, have a look! Might be fun!

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