Wii Wi-Fi connection dedicated server
November 16, 2011 02:57PM
I've been playing online alot lately and was wondering if it's possible to create an app that runs a dedicated server for Wii games. It would be cool to host a 24/7 server for Brawl and Goldeneye.

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Re: Wii Wi-Fi connection dedicated server
December 19, 2011 10:15PM
I would have at least expected a reply after 126 views :( I thought that this might be a cool idea and since I didn't find anything about it not being possible I thought I'd ask.
Re: Wii Wi-Fi connection dedicated server
December 19, 2011 10:53PM
What's wrong with the official servers? I'm pretty sure they are 24/7.

Anyway, to do your own you'd have to reverse engineer exactly how theirs work, create a clone that works in the almost exactly the same way, then hack the game to connect to a different server (probably an Ocarina code or something like that). Seems a lot of work for little benefit. Unless your servers are going to be somehow superior to the official ones, no one is likely to go through the hassle of loading games through Gecko OS or Riivolution every time, just to play on your servers. And therefore there will be hardly anyone on the servers. And therefore no one will want to play on them because it'll take ages to get enough people to play a game. And so even less people would go on the servers.

If you have some big reason for wanting it, it'd probably be possible, but it'd be a lot of work, and I personally cannot see the benefit.
Re: Wii Wi-Fi connection dedicated server
December 20, 2011 03:50PM
I figured it would be a good idea because if you idle in a game for too long, you get booted for inactivity. I figured this would be a way around it for people who want to host clan servers and the like. Is there a cheat code that you could make to stop that problem? That's the main reason that I thought it would be a good idea.
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